Parents have to be able to trust that a daycare will keep their kids safe. And while we hope you never need this information, you’re watching this because you likely suspect your child was being sexually abused at daycare.

The Most Common Signs of Sexual Abuse in Texas Daycares

So, let’s go over some important information on the signs to look for. Children who have been sexually abused at daycare tend to show certain changes in their behavior and mood that parents can look out for, including:

  • Anxiety about returning to the daycare
  • Fear of being around certain caregivers
  • Discomfort during diaper changes, baths, or changing of clothes
  • Unusual knowledge of sexual matters
  • Or uneasiness about being touched or held

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, be sure to make a note of them with specific dates, times, and any additional details that you can gather. Also, if your child can communicate verbally, it’s important to note any unusual things they may have said to you, like telling you about stories of activities that have anything sexual in nature happening, such as private parts being exposed, clothes being taken off, inappropriate touching, or kids using words with sexual meanings that they shouldn’t have in their vocabulary at that age.

5 Steps to Take After Your Child Was Sexually Abused in a Texas Daycare

After identifying the signs, these are the five essential next steps you need to take.

  1. Get medical care for your child
    The sooner your child gets treatment, the sooner they can start working through their trauma and begin healing.

  2.  Call the police
    Sexual abuse of a child is a serious criminal act and must be investigated by the authorities.

  3. Report the incident to the state
    Every state has a division that is in charge of regulating daycares and investigating reports of abuse and neglect. If you live in Texas, the DFPS (Department of Family and Protective Services) will conduct an independent investigation into the matter. 
  4. Gather Information
    Gather any video footage available and documentation from the daycare on potential dates of sexual abuse. Speak with other parents from your child’s class, or parents whose children have had the same caregiver. It is possible that the abuse was ongoing and there may be more incidents involving other kids.
  5. Speak to a lawyer
    There are laws, rules, and regulations every daycare must follow to prevent sexual abuse from happening to children.A lawyer can help you find the truth about what happened to your child and assist with the right resources for helping your family move forward.

If you believe your child is a victim of sexual assault at daycare, contact our experienced daycare injury attorneys. We’ve helped many parents in your shoes get through this challenging time. Contact us when you’re ready for a free confidential call, as these are sensitive and difficult things to talk about. We want to help you through this.

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