Burn injuries caused by baby bottle warmers are one of the most common daycare injuries we see. Unfortunately, bottle warmer burns are also the cause of some of the most catastrophic injuries to children. Injuries that can be devastating and leave permanent damage. Since our team has handled many legal cases involving bottle warmer burns, we want to help parents learn what steps to take after this type of injury has happened.

Our Texas daycare injury lawyer highlights the three most common questions parents have after their child has suffered a burn from a bottle warmer:

1. How did this happen?

The most common cause is when bottle warmer cords are hanging off counters and the bottle warmer is not properly secured.

Also, it happens when children are allowed near bottle warmers and left unsupervised. The simple truth is that these injuries are 100% preventable.

Bottle warmers and their cords must be kept out of reach of children.

2. Who will pay for the medical treatment for my child? 

It’s essential to get immediate medical care for your child after they’re burned. But many parents wonder – who will pay? When filing a claim against a daycare, your legal team works to ensure that all medical bills are paid or reimbursed once a resolution has been made with the daycare. 

3. When should I file a claim?

After your child is severely burned at daycare, it’s important that you hire daycare injury lawyers to file a claim immediately. There are many different reasons why making a claim is such an urgent issue – reasons like:

  • the statute of limitations in your state,
  • preserving evidence related to the incident,
  • and ensuring witnesses and those involved are held accountable, just to name a few.

The sooner you can begin the process of a legal claim, the better it is for your child’s case.

Now, these are just the three most common questions we get about bottle warmer burns – there’s no doubt you may have more. To get more answers about your child’s bottle warmer burn injury, reach out to our daycare injury law firm today so that we can answer all of your questions. And if you’re not quite ready to talk, we understand. We’ve created a free, 5-step guide on what to do after a daycare injury. It’s linked here. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to help keep you moving forward.  

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