As a parent, you do a lot to make sure your home is safe and that your little ones stay away from dangerous objects. Knives, scissors, and exposed nails or screws are obvious ones to keep away from children. Unfortunately, kids can be seriously injured when negligent daycares don’t childproof a space. Sharp object injuries at daycare can happen in a variety of ways.

Examples of Sharp Objects That Pose Danger to Kids

Most commonly, the list includes:

  • Scissors being misused or given to unsupervised children
  • Leaving broken cups or glass around kids
  • Or a child running into an exposed nail in the building or on a playground.

Sharp Object Injuries Children Might Sustain at Daycare

Sharp objects can cause serious injuries to kids. These damages might include:

  • Eye injuries – that can lead to vision loss or blindness
  • Head injuries
  • Deep cuts that require stitches
  • Or puncture wounds

The worst part? Sharp object injuries at daycares are almost always preventable. Daycares must properly supervise children and regularly inspect the premises, toys, and buildings to ensure there are no dangerous objects.

What Parents Can Do If Their Child Has Suffered From a Sharp Object Injury at Daycare

To learn more about how daycares can keep their spaces safe, be sure to download our free guide, 10 Tips for Finding a Safe Daycare. If your child has suffered from a sharp object injury at daycare, it’s important that you take action quickly. Reach out to our child injury attorneys today to start getting help. We’re here to keep you moving forward.

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