Russell Button and his motherAs we celebrate Mother’s Day this May, my mind keeps circling back to the massive impact my mom has had on me. It’s a good time to remember, especially after chatting about Women’s History Month back in March.

My Mother’s Incredible Story

My mom’s story is one of those that has really stuck with me throughout the years. Looking back, I realize the insane amount of stuff she powered through, and it hits me: If she could do all that, then what’s my excuse?

Growing up, I witnessed my mother tackle life with a fearless determination — nothing was too insurmountable to overcome. I remember the long nights she worked multiple jobs, her relentless pursuit of new skills, and her venture into the complexities of real estate — all done with the sole purpose of providing for our family.

Back then, as a kid, I couldn’t fully grasp the magnitude of her sacrifices. But today, as I handle my own challenges, her determination reminds me that with enough resilience, no obstacle is too great. My mother taught me that the path to the most remarkable achievements is always packed with risks and demands hard work over time. She showed me that while it’s easy to opt for the low-hanging fruit, the sweetest rewards often lie at the top of the tallest mountains. So, you better start climbing.

Her life is a testament to the power of persistence; even when ventures didn’t pan out as hoped, she knew when to pivot, never viewing these moments as failures but as opportunities to redirect her efforts. Her unwavering loyalty — to her dreams, to those who stood by her, and to her values — instilled in me the importance of having a supportive team around you. This philosophy is something I’ve proudly incorporated into the core values of The Button Law Firm.

How The Button Law Firm Supports Moms

Inspired by my mother, we’ve cultivated an environment that champions resilience, mutual support, and loyalty. I want to highlight the moms in our office, Eurika, Lilia, Rosie, Rena, and Cristina, who embody the spirit of determination and collaboration.

Many of our clients are incredible mothers who’ve trusted daycare facilities to keep their kids safe only to face their worst nightmares. These super moms, who juggle work and family with unparalleled grace, inspire us daily. They remind us why we’ve created resources like our “10 Tips for Finding a Safe Daycare” guide — to empower and assist them in navigating these challenging waters.

Honoring Moms This Mother’s Day and Every Day

This Mother’s Day, I want to extend a heartfelt shoutout to all moms, including those within our team and the courageous mothers we represent. Your strength, dedication, and love are the driving forces behind everything we strive to achieve at The Button Law Firm.

In every interaction, whether with clients or colleagues, I see the influence of my mother's example of tenacity and compassion, pushing us to go above and beyond to support and advocate for families in need.

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