Rose Melendez litigation paralegal at The Button Law Firm celebrates six years.Celebrating a Significant Work Anniversary

We don’t take work anniversaries lightly, especially when it’s a six-year anniversary! This February, Rosie is celebrating six amazing years with the firm. We want to thank Rosie, our hardworking litigation paralegal, for all she’s done for The Button Law Firm team and our clients.

She’s brought six years of positivity and excellence to the team, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Rosie is the backbone of our firm, and we’d be lost without her. As we celebrated Rosie’s six-year anniversary, we wanted to hear from the seasoned paralegal herself on why she’s stuck by our side for so long.

When it came down to it, it was the team who became her family and the lives she could change that made her time here meaningful.

Building Strength Through Support: Rosie's Evolution at The Button Law Firm

Rosie recalled the intimidating learning curve she faced when she first started working at the firm. Yet, Russell and Ashley were always there to lead her and offer guidance whenever they could. Rosie witnessed how they led by example and was able to grow alongside them. The whole team has been there for her since the start, and the team only continues to grow and become stronger.

How Rosie Makes a Difference

While the team is undoubtedly the best it has ever been, we’re still growing, and Rosie shared that she’s thrilled to see the BLF family thrive with even more team members. Of course, our work here has also been an undeniable factor in why Rosie loves what she does daily. As a litigation paralegal, she can make a direct difference in people’s lives.

The majority of our cases are daycare injury-related, which means we often meet with families who are experiencing an unbelievably challenging time. It’s one of those things we simply wish would never happen, but Rosie and the rest of our team step up to find a resolution so these families can move forward. Rosie explained that she hopes to uplift these families from the moment they call to even after their case settles.

Rosie’s Impact on the Families We’ve Helped

We still have families that call our team long after a case just to keep in touch, and it shows we don’t just handle legal cases but create long-lasting relationships with our community. This is the reason Rosie feels so fulfilled here at the firm and why she continues to look forward to all that 2024 has to offer. Thank you, Rosie, for six years of incredible work and an unbeatable attitude!

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