We Couldn’t Have Done It Without Your Help! 

I want to take a second to thank everyone who gave The Button Law Firm a review on AVVO, Google or Facebook

Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to obtain AVVO’s “Client’s Choice Award.”

The Importance Of Reviews: 

We all know how important reviews are for every business. Today, potential new clients and other law firms are reading reviews before they ever decide to reach out to us.

Our mission is to help people dealing with legal issues in the following areas: 

Everyone goes online and checks what others have to say before making a big decision on any purchase. It’s called Social Trust. It’s no different to a potential client looking for an attorney. They want to know that they are making the right decision when looking for help on their legal issue.

Think back on how stressful it was or has been for you to find a lawyer. How many did you review and talk with before making a final decision? Was It easy to trust a stranger with your case? And lastly, what was the final motivational push to choose your lawyer?

Believe it or not, potential clients have told us in the past that we weren't chosen because we didn’t have enough reviews from people who love us. We are making a huge effort to make sure that never happens again. I have been working on getting reviews since April. 

Meet The Button Law Firm Team: 

Others need to know how great our team works and what we can bring to the table. The Button Law Firm is filled with hard workers who are willing to fight to make sure they get the results they deserve. 

Ashley Washington, our litigation attorney, handles all of our investigations and discoveries to make sure we get all the documents the Defendants have on our cases. She works by my side in all strategic plans.

Rosie Melendez, our paralegal, handles all litigation cases from start to finish as a paralegal and case manager. She has been a great addition to our team and stays on top of her heavy workload. When a client or potential client calls our office, Rosie will be the one they speak with.  

Heliane Fabian, our Law Clerk, helps our litigation team by doing the majority of our legal writing, legal research, case analysis, discovery request, and discovery response. We are excited to have Heliane back after taking her bar exam in July. We plan on using her many skills to further benefit our clients cases. 

Gabriela Cartin-Munoz, our marketing assistant, helps the team by making sure they stay connected in the community through social media accounts, newsletters, and email campaigns. Gabriela keeps our systems running efficiently while our litigation team works hard on cases. She is directly involved in all the marketing decisions. 

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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