Rosie Melendez and her daughter Evelyn. Learn About Rosie

We often call our litigation paralegal, Rosie Melendez, the “rock” of our team. Rosie is the hardest worker we know! She’s reliable, smart, and cares deeply about her team members and our clients. We’re lucky to have her, and as of this month, we’ve officially been saying that for five whole years. 2022 was a big year for Rosie, both personally and professionally.

Rosie Celebrates Her Daughter

When we asked about the milestones in her life, the first one she mentioned was her daughter Evelyn’s high school graduation. “We had a lot of special moments with her last year for her senior year,” Rosie says. “We went homecoming and prom dress shopping and watched her film the football team at a football camp for her TV production program. It was nice to see her in action. The year was emotional for my husband and me because she’s our only baby — we’re crybabies when it comes to her!”

To celebrate Evelyn’s graduation, Rosie and Orlando took her to Isla Mujeres in Mexico for a relaxing beach vacation. Now, Evelyn is taking core classes at Eastfield College. She plans to transfer to the University of North Texas to study mass communications this fall.

Visiting Family and Friends

Another highlight of Rosie’s year was taking a family trip to a small town in Guanajuato, Mexico. Her parents grew up there, and she used to visit every summer as a kid, but she hadn’t been back for 15 years! Rosie and Orlando enjoyed the visit so much that they returned this January. “I have some old friends who still live there, so it was really good to see them. We’re grown and have children now — it’s crazy how things change!”

Rosie Reflects on This Past Year at BLF

On a professional note, the highlight of Rosie’s fifth year with BLF was watching the firm grow. “We had some amazing additions to the team in 2022, like paralegal Rena Piper, operations assistant James Cook, and operations manager Elizabeth Bauman. It’s been really good to see the growth of our team. I feel like we have the perfect team here! I’ve learned so much from our new people, just like I have from Ashley and Russell,” she says. We can’t wait to see what Rosie’s sixth BLF year brings!

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