Two children playing with toys at a daycare.What Happened at This Houston-Area Daycare?

MAGNOLIA - On December 20, 2022, former daycare worker Dennis Michiel McDaniel was arrested and charged with indecency with a child. McDaniel worked primarily with children ages five through twelve years old at a daycare called Kids Club in Magnolia, Texas. The special victims unit of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office began investigating McDaniel on December 8th after a concerned father posted on Facebook that the daycare worker tried to contact his daughter on her phone after he had no longer worked at the facility. The former caregiver is currently being held in jail on $250,000 bond.

You can read the whole story here.

Dennis Michiel McDaniel’s Work History

The man has reportedly worked and volunteered at a number of daycares throughout the Greater Houston Area, including the following:

  • Tomball Bible Church Day Care - Tomball, Texas (2011-2012)
  • The Woodlands Church (Fellowship) - Tomball location (2012)
  • Graceview Baptist Church - Tomball, Texas (2014)
  • Conroe ISD - Conroe, Texas (2015)
  • School District located in Harris County (employed for three days only in 2015)
  • ABC Academy- Conroe, Texas (2017)
  • Zion Lutheran Church and Day Care - Tomball, Texas (2017)
  • Xplor Preschool and School Age Care - Spring, Texas (2018)
  • The Woodlands Church (Fellowship) - The Woodlands location (2018 -2019)
  • Little Texans Childcare Center Tomball, Texas (2020)
  • School in the Pines - Spring, Texas (2020)
  • All Starz Academy - Spring, Texas (2021)
  • The Honey Tree - Houston, Texas (2021)
  • The Kids Club - Magnolia, Texas (October to December 2022)
  • Little Tots - Spring, Texas (Summer 2022)

Since McDaniel had access to children for over a decade, the Sherriff’s Department is asking anyone with information about the caregiver to contact them.

How Can Daycares Protect Children from Potentially Abusive Caregivers?

Daycares are trusted by parents to protect and care for their kids while they’re at work. Daycares owners and managers should understand this and apply this to hiring and supervision practices. When dangerous caregivers are hired and unsupervised at the daycare, they’re potentially putting children at risk of injury or trauma, including psychological trauma.

Owners and managers of daycares across Texas must background check potential employees. Even if the employee does pass the background check, the employee must be well-supervised while they work with children.

What to Do if You Believe Your Child Was Harmed by a Daycare Worker in Houston, Texas

If you believe your child was seriously harmed or injured while in the care of their daycare, it’s important to take quick action.

Get medical attention

If your child has been physically harmed by their caregiver, it is important that you get them immediate medical attention.

Contact the police

Physical and sexual violence is a serious crime, and it’s important that the police are notified immediately.

Get information from the daycare

The daycare is required to give the parent of the child an incident report. Additionally, the daycare must report the incident with the state. If the daycare fails to do one or both of those things, they are violating the minimum standards of the state of Texas.

Contact an attorney

It’s important that you contact an attorney who is experienced in daycare injury cases. A daycare injury attorney will be able to help you through some of the challenges of holding the daycare responsible.  

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