Child upset after suffering from a serious finger injuryCYPRESS, TX – A Houston-area mother was shocked to discover that her child’s fingertip was severed off at daycare after a caregiver allowed a heavy door to slam on the child’s finger.

What Happened at This Cypress Daycare?

Surveillance video shows that on June 2, 2023, Danielle Hurt’s daughter was walking into her daycare from an outside playground. The caregiver was not paying attention when she allowed the door to close on the child’s finger, which was still in the doorway. The weight of the door severed the 15-month-old girl’s fingertip off.

Instead of calling for emergency medical help for the child, the daycare decided to call the child’s mother to come pick her up. When the mother came, the daycare handed her the child’s finger in a plastic bag.

Danielle Hurt immediately took her toddler daughter to Texas Children’s Hospital, where doctors were able to reattach the finger. However, the mother has claimed that the finger will likely fall off, resulting in life-long damage.

CPS is currently investigating further into the matter.

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What Went Wrong at This Cy-Fair ISD Daycare?

According to the daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm, multiple things went wrong. The child’s mother was completely correct when stating that “the daycare acted negligently twice.”

First was the issue with the door. At most daycares, the doors to get in and out of the building are typically quite heavy. The reason for this is to prevent kids from exiting the daycare on their own – which could result in an injury from wandering.

Since these doors are quite heavy, it’s imperative that caregivers ensure all children are completely inside or even outside of the doorway prior to closing the door. Yet, in the case of this Cy-Fair daycare, the caregiver did not check to ensure the toddler was completely inside, and it resulted in a very serious and painful finger injury.

Second, the daycare did not appear to seek help appropriately. If there is a medical emergency, such as a traumatic amputation, daycares must call 911 or take the child to the ER prior to calling the parent. In this case, the daycare didn’t seek medical help for the child. Instead, they called the child’s mother and asked her to come pick her up.

Texas Daycare Injury Lawyers Discuss Severed Finger Injury at Cypress Daycare

Sadly, these incidents have happened to many children throughout Texas. In fact, our firm has represented several of these children, helping them secure the recovery they need to move forward.

Learn About Some of the Finger Injury Cases The Button Law Firm Has Handled

Finger injuries at daycare are 100% preventable – it’s up to the daycare and its employees to prevent these painful injuries from happening to the kids in their care. If these injuries do happen, daycares must be held accountable.

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