One of the most common injuries we see with kids in daycare are finger injuries. Young kids haven't developed the instinctive nature to pull their fingers away from danger spots. And if a caregiver isn't watching, kids can get their fingers crushed by furniture or other heavy objects, severed or amputated by sharp edges or caught in doors.

And that's exactly what happened to a family that we represented. This family's toddler was outside of his daycare with the rest of his group, and he let the teacher know that he needed to use the restroom. Unfortunately, the caregiver didn't follow their procedure and sent the child in alone. He tried to open the door, which was way too heavy for him, and it shut on his finger. The finger was almost completely severed off.

This should never have happened with proper supervision. These injuries are 100% preventable, but time and time again we see these finger injuries happen as a result of recklessness by the caregivers. If your child suffered a finger injury due to the negligence of the daycare, you may need to speak to a lawyer. Our team is here to help you get through this. Call us anytime to learn more.

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