Jacky with her dog TomJacky’s Love of Animals

Our firm’s paralegal, Jacky Bejarano, grew up spending weekends at her aunt’s horse stable in Mexico. Looking back, she thinks those experiences riding around a dusty corral and brushing out her favorite horse’s mane fostered a lifelong love of animals.

“When my family moved to Texas, we were in the city, and there wasn’t as much space for us to own big animals,” she recalls. “It wasn’t until 2012 when we moved out of the city to the little ranch where we live now that I was able to pick up my work with animals again.”

Today, Jacky helps her parents look after a wild horse named Anna; three big, rowdy dogs; and a dozen or so chickens. Her husky, Tom, has been a longstanding family member, but the other two pups — Blue, another husky, and Barco,  a blue heeler mix — are new additions. So are the chickens, which Jacky hatched herself last year.  “At the beginning of the spring, I bought an incubator and put eggs in there. Sixteen of them hatched! Not all of those chicks made it, but we still have some of them,” she says.

Learn About Her Other Hobbies – Cars and Powerlifting!

Jacky puts in so much work here at BLF that it’s hard to believe she takes care of an entire menagerie in her spare time. Even more impressive, the animals aren’t her only hobby. She’s also an experienced mechanic and an amateur powerlifter! Right now, she’s training for her first powerlifting competition and working side-by-side with her dad to restore a 1991 F-150 pickup truck. The truck is a temporary project until she finds her next Camaro.

“I recently sold my 1979 Z28 Camaro, and I’m still on the search for another one, the ’92!” she says. “I was close to buying one a couple of months ago, but the guy ended up selling it, so I’m still on the search. I want to find a red ’92 if possible because I like the look of it. 1992 was the year before the body [style] completely changed, so it still has that old Camaro look.”

Next time you talk to Jacky, wish her luck with her weight training and car search!

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