Jacqueline Golan with her husband, Ben, on their wedding day.Jacqueline Shares Her Secrets to Success at The Button Law Firm

If you’ve read one of our blog posts, looked at something we’ve shared on social media, like our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or you’ve read any of the work on our website, you’ve likely seen Jacqueline Golan’s work up close. Jacqueline is our marketing brand coordinator here at The Button Law Firm. She came on board just after the giant winter storm hit Texas in 2021, so as of February of 2022, she has officially been with the team for one year!

In the time since she started with us, Jacqueline has killed it on the marketing front. She learned how to keep our brand consistent across all channels and responded like a pro when a campaign hit any sort of a snag. She also started directing our YouTube videos and learned to translate our personal injury “legalese” into articles and blog posts non-lawyers would understand.

She attributes part of that success to one of our core values, “Education” and the books she’s read through the BLF Book Club.

“My favorite book was Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. … I understood the concept of accountability previously, but the book helped me realize that in a team setting, owning what you do and being accountable for what you do will help you and your team, and help you improve,” she says, later adding, “I think about it every day.”

Over this past year, Jacqueline has been moved by how much of an impact our firm has on people's lives. She has witnessed, firsthand, how our team’s work has helped The Button Law Firm’s clients and their families in our community.

“It’s almost indescribable,” she says. “It’s sad because they are in this difficult situation, to begin with, but at least there’s something we can do to help them recover from what happened.”

An Exciting Event in Jacqueline’s Life!

In addition to celebrating Jacqueline’s first year with The Button Law Firm, we are also celebrating her big life update!

When we hired Jacqueline, her last name was Lacoff, but she hit a big personal milestone in 2021 along with her work achievements: She got married! Jacqueline and her husband, Ben Golan, traveled to Cancun, Mexico in October of 2021 with 60 of their closest friends and family for their destination wedding.

It was the first time many of them had seen each other since the pandemic started. We were thrilled that Jacqueline finally got to enjoy her big day, but even happier to have her back afterward. “Jacqueline has learned so much already,” Attorney Russell Button says. “I’m looking forward to watching her grow and continue to rise in our marketing division at the firm in year two!”

To learn more about Jacqueline Golan, click here to read her bio.

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