Dallas Daycare Negligence and Abuse Attorneys Warn Parents on The Dangers of Texas’s Minimum Standards for Daycares

http://www.buttonlawfirm.com/reports/how-to-search-for-a-good-daycare.cfmIn the past decade, 450 children were sexually abused, and 88 children died while at daycare. As sad as those numbers are, there are many daycare incidents that are not being reported due to not being labeled as “critical” according to the Texas Daycare Minimum Standards. The threshold for what must be reported to the state of Texas is higher than what you think. Take the story we are about to cover as an example. 

What Happened Here? 

Joyous Montessori McKinney made a careless hire when they brought Jessica Joy Wiese onboard as a caretaker. This monster of a lady was caught on video slapping a child multiple times in the back of the infant’s head, then slamming the infant’s body into the changing table. The 2-Month old baby suffered broken bones and bruising while under Wiese’s care. 

Although Wiese is to blame for the physical injuries the infant suffered, the daycare is to be held responsible for not thoroughly checking who they hired and trained to care for children. If only the daycare had taken an extra step to check Wiese’s background, they would have discovered that she had lost her nurse license in 2015. Reportedly, Wiese worked as a labor and delivery nurse at a North Texas hospital but was fired after the hospital discovered she was stealing and using drugs at the hospital, resulting in her nursing license being revoked. 

As the story uncovered, more parents whose children were under Wises' informed authorities of injuries sustained by their children while at Joyous Montessori McKinney. Wiese is currently facing 9 charges for child neglect and abuse.

The parents expressed feeling “hopeless” and still having nightmares about what their infant children suffered while under the care of Wiese. Unfortunately, this nightmare is a reality for many parents that rely on daycare to be able to go to work. This is why we have created a guide with 11 Tips For Parents Searching For A Safe Daycare. We created this guide to help parents take measures into their own hands. Texas Minimum Standards for Child-Care do not provide all of the protection necessary to keep children safe. For example, Texas does not require that daycare facilities notify parents of other children in the daycare when the daycare has been cited for not following the law. Essentially, things can happen at Daycares, children can get hurt, and the daycare can be cited for doing something wrong, but still never be required to let all of the parents know what happened. 

How Can The Button Law Firm Help? 

As mentioned above, many parents rely on Daycare to go to work and provide for their families. Some families start their children at daycare as early as 8-weeks old. Finding a great daycare you feel at ease with is hard, and being let down brings a lot of self-blame. One must remember that there was nothing you as a parent could have done to prevent the injury from happening. It all starts with the facility and the people they bring in to care for the children. You trusted that this daycare was going to do their part and keep your child safe. 

We suggest reading over our 11 Tips for Parents Searching for A Safe Daycare before choosing a daycare to ensure you aren’t getting a sales pitch, but rather a great facility that puts children over the profit they make for attendance. You can also use this guide to help find red flags at your child’s current daycare facility. 

Some of the topics the guide covers are: 

  • Daycare security 
  • Hiring process
  • Insurance and licensing 
  • Cameras 

And so much more!

This guide is completely FREE, we will even send a paper copy to your home at no cost! If you’d prefer a paper copy, please follow the link that will be provided below. 


Want More Information on Daycare Safety? 

The Button Law Firm focuses on Daycare Negligence and Abuse cases. We help families as soon as they find out their child was injured while at daycare. If you or a loved one have been a victim of daycare negligence or abuse please give us a call at 214-888-2216. 

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