Child with broken leg ODESSA, TEXAS - In a recent incident at a West Texas daycare, an employee, Brianna Louise Dancer, has been charged with Injury to a Child after seriously injuring a one-year-old under her care. Upon learning of the incident, The Button Law Firm’s daycare injury attorneys are sharing their thoughts, emphasizing the importance of child safety and prevention of such tragedies.

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What Happened at This Odessa, Texas Daycare?

In late December of 2023, the Odessa Police Department received a Child Protective Services report regarding the alleged harm caused by Dancer to the one-year-old child that happened days prior. The baby was taken to a local emergency room on December 14 and was diagnosed with a displaced, oblique fracture of the right femoral shaft, which meant the bone that is located between the hip and the knee was broken. Subsequent examination at a Lubbock hospital confirmed the diagnosis, leading to a recommendation for surgery. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, this type of injury almost always requires surgery for treatment.

How Surveillance Footage Helped Investigators See How the Incident Occurred

CPS investigators, seeking clarity on the incident, requested security camera footage from the daycare. The footage revealed concerning actions by Dancer. The camera footage showed the caregiver folding a blanket when she noticed the child was walking away from his nap mat.

According to the article, she “rushed over…in frustration,” grabbed the child by the arm, and proceeded to swing him around. The caregiver then threw him towards his nap mat, causing his right knee and leg to land in front of him and his left leg and knee and leg to stay behind him. This led to his body weight landing on top of his right knee and leg, resulting in a forceful fall, causing the significant and painful injury.

BLF Attorneys Discuss What Went Wrong at This Permian Basin Daycare

Shockingly, our team has seen several incidents where caregivers get frustrated and mistreat or harm children as a result. It’s a scary situation, and it’s a direct violation of the state’s minimum standards.

Daycares must always make sure the caregivers they hire are qualified and trained to take care of children. Even if the caregivers do have the right qualifications, they must be supervised by the daycare’s leadership team, including daycare owners and directors.

An injury like the one mentioned above should have never happened, and the daycare must be held accountable for not properly hiring, training, or supervising the caregiver that caused this injury.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families After Daycare Injuries

The Button Law Firm is committed to advocating for the safety and well-being of children. Such incidents highlight the need for heightened awareness and preventive measures within daycare facilities. BLF believes in holding responsible parties accountable for their actions to ensure justice for the victims and their families.

This incident in Odessa serves as a stark reminder of the importance of child safety in daycare settings. The Button Law Firm urges parents to be vigilant about the signs of daycare abuse and neglect, and to be proactive in getting justice after such incidents occur. Our dedicated team is ready to provide legal assistance to those affected, seeking justice and advocating for the rights of children in similar situations.

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