“Family” is a broad term here at The Button Law Firm. Family includes our team, their families, our referral partners, and, of course, our past and present clients. These folks’ victories are our victories, and we always celebrate them! This month, we actually have three major milestones to highlight among the youngest members of The Button Law Firm (BLF) family.

3 Major Milestones for The Button Law Firm Family

1. Russell’s niece, Aria, turns 1 year old!Russell Button's niece Aria turns 1

Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday that Russell wrote about Aria’s arrival. He had the opportunity to be there in the hospital when she was born on Oct. 18, 2020. It’s a special memory he’ll never forget. We’re looking forward to celebrating many more of Aria’s birthdays!

2. Cristina’s daughter, Harley, started first grade.first day of first grade

Going to “real” school for the first time is a huge milestone for Harley, her mom Cristina, and her aunt Ashley! Cristina and Ashley talk about Harley in the office all the time,

and we love hearing their stories. We’re so blessed that Cristina chose to move her family to Houston.

3. Rosies’ daughter, Evelyn, kicked off her senior year of high school.

When Rosie joined The Button Law Firm, Evelyn was just a high school freshman! We’ve watched her grow up, learn to drive, and get her first car. Now, she’s practically an

adult! We can’t wait to watch her excel in her last year of high school and choose a life path.

Button Law Firm Family: The Next Generation 

Aria, Harley, and Evelyn are part of what we think of as the “next generation” of our BLF family. It’s so cool to see them grow up! Who knows — maybe in a decade or two, one or more of these amazing young women will be practicing law just like their BLF role models!

Thinking about that future is beyond exciting. We wish Evelyn, Harley, and little Aria all the best of luck with their dreams!

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