Child with stitches in hand from daycare injuryA December 2022 incident at an Euless daycare center left a 3-year-old boy with a severe finger injury. While transferring the boy to a new caregiver, a staff member closed a heavy door without realizing the boy’s hand was in the hinge. The mishap resulted in a significant crush injury to the boy’s little digits.

The daycare center promptly notified the boy’s mother, who took him to a local emergency room for evaluation and treatment. There, doctors found the toddler had a fractured ring finger and an extensive laceration that required 11 stitches to close.

Our North Texas daycare injury lawyers advocated for the toddler and his family and held the Euless daycare center accountable for its negligence that caused the toddler’s finger injury. Our legal team secured a settlement to cover the toddler’s medical expenses and the resources that will help him process his trauma in a healthy way.

Steps the Euless Daycare Center Could Have Taken to Prevent the Toddler’s Finger Injury

The Texas Health and Human Services Child-Care Licensing's independent investigation found the toddler’s finger injury at the Euless daycare center was easily avoidable. A simple rule ensuring children are clear of doors before closing them, as stated in Texas’ daycare laws known as the minimum standards, could have prevented the incident and saved the young boy from experiencing pain and trauma.

The state cited the Euless daycare center for noncompliance with the following childcare laws:

  • Demonstrating competency and good judgment in responsibilities
  • Preventing child neglect in its care
  • Adhering to minimum childcare standards
  • Providing necessary supervision for child safety, including physical, auditory, or visual awareness
  • Intervening when necessary to ensure safety

The toddler’s finger injury resulted from broader safety issues at the Euless daycare center—the facility received 11 citations over two years. Violations included hiring unqualified caregivers who did not complete required training, failing background checks before being responsible for children, and not complying with supervision laws. The Euless daycare center should have been more mindful of daycare laws and safety measures since the facility was cited by the state just a few months before the incident involving the toddler in this case.

Getting Justice After a Toddler’s Daycare Finger Injury

A severe daycare incident involving a crushed finger and significant bleeding left a 3-year-old boy traumatized. After the initial emergency room visit, where he received 11 stitches, the toddler needed follow-up care with an orthopedist to ensure proper healing. Despite these efforts, his finger remains scarred, indented, and discolored.

The toddler’s trauma was compounded by the immense pain he suffered when his fingers were crushed by the door at the Euless daycare center. His screams and cries persisted from the daycare center to the emergency room and continued at the hospital. The immense pain caused him to stop using his right hand, leading to a loss of strength.

Struggling to process the daycare incident, the toddler’s trauma manifested in behavioral changes, such as outbursts, biting, and hitting his mother. These challenges forced his mother to resign and relocate the family to another state for better support.

Our North Texas daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm held the Euless daycare center accountable for its negligence and safety violations that caused the toddler’s severe finger injury. Our legal team helped the toddler and his family move forward by securing a settlement that compensated them for all the damages they experienced.

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