Parents talking to lawyer about options after daycare incidentIf your child was hurt at daycare, it’s essential that you report the incident to the state. When reporting to the state, you are notifying the state childcare licensing agencies of an incident or injury so that they can investigate whether something improper or even illegal has happened at your child’s daycare.

But you may be wondering: “What Happens When I Report an Incident to the State?”

In our experience as Texas Daycare Injury Attorneys, we’ve seen this process many times.

After you report your child’s daycare injury or incident to the state, the state agency will send an investigator to your child’s daycare. There are two agencies that may be involved in the investigation, depending on the allegation, injury, or incident you are reporting. The department that investigates daycares for abuse and neglect is the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services – also known as DFPS. The department that investigates licensing violations is the Texas Health and Human Services Commission – also known as THHS.

Typically, the state will send an investigator to the daycare within a couple days of the report being made.  

The investigator will conduct an investigation of the daycare and determine if minimum standards were violated. The state agency will then release its findings for that daycare in a report.

In addition to reporting the incident to the state, it may be necessary to notify law enforcement. Law enforcement will get involved if criminal acts are committed – like physical or sexual abuse.

Does the Daycare Also Report the Incident to the State in Texas?

Although the daycare is legally required to report incidents involving serious injuries, injuries that require medical attention, and incidents that place a child at risk of harm, some daycares do not. This is against daycare regulations in the state of Texas.

What Other Steps Can I Take After Reporting the Injury to the State?

Reporting your child’s daycare injury or incident to the state is a very important step in helping them move forward. It is also important to do the following two things:

Get Your Child Medical Care

If your child was involved in an incident at daycare that caused them injuries, it’s important to seek medical care for your child, whether the injury is visible or not. Sometimes, the injuries may not be obvious. It’s important that a medical professional, like an emergency room doctor or your child’s pediatrician, evaluates your child for further injuries.

Contact a Daycare Injury Attorney

Daycare Injury Attorneys, like our team here at The Button Law Firm, help families get the answers they’re looking for after their child was harmed.

Answers can include finding the right medical care for your child, figuring out how your child’s medical bills will be paid, and investigating what happened to your child.

Contact the Daycare Injury Attorneys at The Button Law Firm

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