When Injured On the Job, You Want to Know Truly What Happened

When we or a loved one is seriously hurt or killed on the job, our first question is often: How did this happen? We rely on safety measures to prevent such tragedies. Was it an unforeseeable circumstance, or could it have been prevented?

Recently, we have observed an increase in reckless behavior among employees from other companies on job sites. These employees may not receive the same level of training or supervision as those in your company, making them more likely to violate safety rules and cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Our goal is to help you and your family uncover exactly what happened and determine how the incident could have been prevented.

Oilfield Accident Injuries in Texas

Oilfield accidents are a common issue, particularly in areas like Midland, Odessa, and the surrounding counties of West Texas. These sites often have multiple companies operating simultaneously, leading to a high prevalence of overworked and undertrained employees. While many people associate long shifts with doctors, oilfield workers routinely endure 24, 36, or even 48-hour shifts.

These accidents are especially dangerous due to the heavy equipment and high pressures involved. Proper sequencing in connecting equipment and releasing valves is crucial to prevent serious consequences. For instance, imagine three employees from three different companies installing a piece of equipment, each with specific responsibilities. If the worker responsible for releasing a valve does so before the final connection is made, the uncontrolled release of water can cause the hose to whip around violently. If someone is struck by this hose, the result could be severe injury or even death.

Numerous examples highlight the risks in the oilfield industry, underscoring the importance of thorough investigations by trial lawyers. By delving into the details and safety precautions, we can determine how the accident could have been prevented and who should be held accountable.

Truck Drivers Injured by Faulty Mechanical Work

Our team has represented many people, including truck drivers. We’ve encountered shocking incidents, such as cars losing control and going airborne through a truck's trailer, and drunk drivers causing devastating multi-vehicle accidents that shut down highways.

Additionally, truck drivers often seek our assistance when mechanical work on their rigs is negligently performed. For instance, if a company sends a transmission out for replacement and the mechanic fails to secure all bolts properly, the transmission could fall out while the driver is on the road, leading to severe injuries. Although the trucking company might share some responsibility, particularly if the mechanic is an employee, many of our cases involve outsourced work.

Similarly, we've handled cases where a tire mechanic’s negligence in securing a tire properly results in the tire detaching while the truck is in motion. This not only endangers the truck driver but also poses significant risks to other motorists.

Our mission is to ensure that drivers can rest easy, knowing who is accountable for incidents that affect them or their loved ones. Given the extensive hours they spend on the road and the stringent regulations they must adhere to, the last concern they should have is whether their transmission was correctly installed or their tires properly secured.

How Can We Help You or Your Family?

You need to focus on recovering and providing for your family. Your priority should be attending medical appointments and resting to heal. Let us handle the investigation to determine who is responsible and how the incident could have been prevented. This is our expertise, and our team is trained to handle these situations.

If you or your family need assistance with a workplace injury where others may be at fault, give us a call. We handle these cases throughout Texas, including trucking injuries in Houston and Dallas, and oilfield accidents in West Texas, particularly in Midland, Odessa, Pecos, and surrounding counties.

We are here to support you and your family.

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