When Injured On The Job, You Want To Know Truly What Happened.

Anytime we are seriously hurt or a loved one is killed on the job, we want to know what happened. How did this happen? There are safety measures in place to prevent these things. Was it a special circumstance that no one could have predicted?

What we have seen lately is a rise in the recklessness of other employees on the job. Simply said, employees from other companies may not be trained as well or have as much supervision as your company. Those employees are more likely to violate a workplace safety rule that causes you or a loved one to be seriously injured or killed.

We help you and your family dig into exactly what happened to know how it could have been prevented.

Oilfield Accidents

Oilfield accidents are the most common examples that we see this in. Whether in Midland, Odessa or the surrounding counties in West Texas, oilfield rigs have multiple companies on site at a time. It is also one of the most common areas of overworked and undertrained employees. Most people think doctors are the only ones with 24, 36, or 48 hour shifts, but oilfield crews routinely pull these kinds of hours. 

Oilfield accidents are particularly dangerous because of the heavy equipment being used and the pressure involved. If the sequencing of connecting the equipment and releasing valves is not done properly, serious consequences can follow. For example, there may be 3 employees from 3 different companies responsible for installing a piece of equipment. Each of them has a unique responsibility. If the worker releasing the valve allowing the water to come through before the last worker has connected it, it will fly around like a water hose when you first turn it on and aren't holding it. If someone gets hit in the head by this hose, a brain injury or death is almost certain. 

There are many other examples in the oilfield, but this is why it is so important to allow a trial lawyer's investigation team dig into the details and safety precautions. Once we know how it could have been prevented, then we know who should be accountable.

Truck Driver's Injured By Faulty Mechanic Work

Some of my favorite clients and cases have been when we have represented truck drivers. Believe it or not, we have seen cars lose control and go airborne flying through a truck's trailer. We have seen drunk drivers take out all vehicles on the highway causing a complete shut down. 

The times when truck drivers need us is when the mechanic that did the work on their rig neglected to put it back together properly. For example, if your company sent your transmission off to be replaced and the mechanic did not secure all the bolts properly, the transmission could fall out as you are on the road. This could result in some serious injuries. Although the trucking company may have some responsibility in this depending on who the mechanic worked for, the cases we have handled is when this sort of work is outsourced.

We have also seen where a tire mechanic does not secure the tire properly and the tires come flying off while on the road. This can injure or kill not only the truck driver that literally loses a wheel but others on the roadways.

At the end of the day, we help make sure that you can sleep at night knowing who caused what happened to you or your loved one as a truck driver. All the hours on the road and the rules they must follow as professionals, the last thing they need to worry about is did the mechanic properly install the transmission or lock up the tires properly. 

How Can We Help You Or Your Family?

You need to focus on recovering and doing the best you can to put food on your table for your family. You need to be worry about getting to the medical appointments and resting to recover. Let us worry about finding out who is responsible and who could have prevented it. This is what we do and this is what our team is trained to do. 

If you or your family need anything related to a workplace injury when you feel others may be responsible, give us a call. We handle these cases all over Texas, but specifically we see trucking injuries in Houston and Dallas. We see the oilfield accidents in West Texas, specifically Midland, Odessa, Pecas, and surrounding counties.

We are here for you and your family. 



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