Young child wearing a yellow plaid shirt playing with toys at daycare.Texas Daycare Lawsuits: A Guide to the Differences Between Criminal and Civil Cases

The latest report from Texas Health and Human Services reveals that 1,415 children were seriously injured at licensed daycare centers over a two-year time span. If your child was harmed while in daycare, you have the option to file a lawsuit to hold the daycare accountable and seek compensation, also known as damages. When it comes to lawsuits, there are two types of cases: criminal and civil. In this article, our Texas daycare injury lawyers break down the key differences between criminal and civil cases in a daycare lawsuit in the Lone Star State.

What Is Considered a Civil Case in a Lawsuit Against a Texas Daycare Center?

A civil case in Texas typically involves a dispute between two parties. In daycare disputes, one party, usually a child’s parent, justice from the other party, the daycare.

Most daycare lawsuits in Texas are civil. The legal issues or questions at the center of the dispute are focused on whether or not a child’s injuries were preventable and if they were caused by the daycare center violating the state’s daycare laws, also known as the minimum standards. These requirements were created for childcare facilities to keep children safe by addressing:

You can view a list of the Texas daycare standards that are vital for children’s safety here.

When a child gets hurt because a daycare violated any of the minimum standards outlined by the state of Texas, the monetary damages that the child’s parents seek can include medical expenses, therapy, and other resources to help their child heal after a daycare injury. 

What Is Considered a Criminal Case in a Daycare Lawsuit?

When a daycare employee deliberately hurts a child, this is classified as a criminal case. A criminal case in a daycare lawsuit occurs when there are allegations that a daycare employee has violated a criminal law, such as theft, assault, or murder. The purpose of a Texas daycare criminal case is to prosecute the daycare employee (or employees) responsible for intentionally harming a child in their care.

Common crimes that harm children at Texas daycares include:

What Are the Key Differences Between Criminal and Civil Cases in a Texas Daycare Lawsuit? 

Overall, the key difference between criminal and civil cases in a Texas daycare lawsuit boils down to if a person’s actions harming a child violated a criminal law.

In addition, the two cases have different desired outcomes. A criminal case aims to punish a specific person or group of people at the daycare center who violated a criminal law, and the desired punishment includes time in jail, fines, or probation. Civil cases seek to financially compensate the plaintiff, the child’s family, for the child’s injuries or losses they may have suffered.

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