Common Types of Negligence in Texas

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the 4th largest city in the country. Many Houstonians, whether they’re in Katy, Tomball, Sugar Land, or the Kingwood, spend their days working and entrust their kids to the care of babysitters and daycares. What do Houston parents need to worry about when they’re sending their kids to daycare?

How Does Lack of Supervision Occur in Daycares?

Hermann Park, a popular destination for Houston families.Daycare neglect can happen for a number of reasons. What we commonly see is daycare workers watching too many children at one time, being distracted by their phones, or just simply ignoring the children in their care. 

Some daycares try to cut corners by ignoring the already low minimum standards on ratio limits. We have seen cases where daycares put too many kids in one room with only one caregiver because the daycare owner doesn’t want to hire more staff to accommodate the number of children in their care. Not only is this extremely dangerous for the kids in their care, but it is also illegal.

Read the Texas Minimum Standards

State regulations are put in place to prevent injury from neglect from happening. Yet time and time again, kids continue to get hurt as their caregivers cut corners and even ignore the rules. 

The Serious Injuries That Happen From Daycare Neglect

Even though the state has minimum standards for childcare in place to help keep kids safe, sometimes those standards are not enough. For example, Texas’ current minimum standards regarding the ratio of caregivers to children in care allow too much opportunity for caregivers to make negligent errors, which can lead to kids suffering serious injuries like:

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Our Experience With Texas Daycare Neglect Cases

Unfortunately, daycare neglect continues to happen in Texas daycares. We've helped families across the country hold daycares accountable for harming their children. See our success stories below:

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