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  • Hot Button Issues - May 2022 In this edition of Hot Button Issues: Read more about our team's favorite burger spots! Plus, you'll want to learn more about Stephen, a lawyer who advocates for children. And don't miss the celebration! Jacky is celebrating one year with the Button Law Firm!
  • Hot Button Issues - April 2022 In this month's issue: learn about our featured friend, Attorney Toby Cole, who has an incredible story that has inspired many. Plus, learn about why I'm obsessed with the book Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. Also in this issue: we share more about how we teamed up with West Virginia Attorney Todd Bailess to fight for victims of sexual harassment against a large restaurant chain. And finally, learn about friend of the firm, Colter, who somehow manages to do it all.
  • Hot Button Issues - March 2022 In this month's issue: how Aunt Nancy inspired Russell, we're celebrating Jacqueline's workiversary, learn more about Kemp's new police chief, and learn about some of the things Russell has learned since he started the firm 7 years ago!
  • Hot Button Issues - February 2022 In this month's issue: lessons learned from Russell's mom, we're celebrating Rosie's workiversary, learn the term we use for EVERYTHING, and check out an inspiring story about someone who wants to make a difference in the world.
  • Hot Button Issues - January 2022 In this month's issue: we talk about our secret weapon in cases and how we helped an injured client. You'll also meet an inspiring attorney, and don't miss our feature on BLF team days!
  • Hot Button Issues - December 2021 In this month's issue: how teamwork can make your new years resolutions a reality, meet new team member Ashley G, learn about out new case management system and meet Scott Duvall, our marketing guru!
  • Hot Button Issues - November 2021 In this month's issue: learn more about how Russell was inspired by his Peloton bike, meet our law clerk Meghan (and learn about her really interesting hobby), and meet the employment law attorneys who help you fight against your workplace bullies!
  • Hot Button Issues - October 2021 Check out this month's Hot Button Issues! We've got great articles about Russell's trip to Utah, how reading plays an important role in our firm, and the many accomplishments of the kids of BLF.
  • September 2021 Newsletter - Hot Button Issues Ashley celebrates 4 years with the Button Law Firm! You'll also want to meet our newest paralegal, Jacky, and learn about her cool hobby! We've got many other great stories in this issue, so be sure to read all of it!
  • August 2021 Newsletter In this issue: how we want to help foster kids in Texas; also, meet the public relations professional who helps us tell more people about what we do. We have some stories and great tips on things to look out for with insurance!
  • July 2021 Newsletter In this issue: you'll get to learn more about my dad, Terry, celebrate Cristina's one-year anniversary with BLF, meet a new local actor, and learn more about some of the cases we've handled!
  • June 2021 Newsletter In this issue: the important lessons I learned from my mom, my favorite methods for improvement, and a helpful daycare safety checklist. Learn about the two wonderful people featured: our marketing coordinator, Jacqueline, and Russell Button (a different Russell Button!)