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  • July 2021 Newsletter In this issue: you'll get to learn more about my dad, Terry, celebrate Cristina's one-year anniversary with BLF, meet a new local actor, and learn more about some of the cases we've handled!
  • June 2021 Newsletter In this issue: the important lessons I learned from my mom, my favorite methods for improvement, and a helpful daycare safety checklist. Learn about the two wonderful people featured: our marketing coordinator, Jacqueline, and Russell Button (a different Russell Button!)
  • May 2021 Newsletter In this issue: How to move forward after a catastrophic event, how we've made reporting daycare injuries much easier, and our favorite new lawyer podcast. There's also a wonderful article about Ashley's new, exciting interest: improve comedy!
  • April 2021 Newsletter In this issue: Desi's back from maternity leave, how the team got through winter storm Uri, meeting superlawyer and super dad Ben Glass, and much more!
  • March 2021 Newsletter In this issue: Russell's advice on how to stay productive and tackle tough tasks, celebrating Rosie, and more!
  • February 2021 Newsletter In this issue: How BLF made a difference in 2020, a sleek new BLF website, meet Frisco TBI attorney Scott Snellings, and a story one of BLF's toughest clients
  • January 2021 Newsletter In This Issue: 7 Ways Our Firm Adapted in 2020, Business Lessons from a Navy Capitan, Plus BLF Goes to bat for Georgia Voters
  • December 2020 Newsletter This issue: Why Russell Meeting His Neice Changed How He sees His Clients, How The Late Ruth Bader Ginsburg Changed Ashely's Life, and Our Team Voted! Did You!
  • November 2020 Newsletter In this issue: There's No Place Like Home, Girl Meets Bike, Get Cooking With Our Team, A Tale of Two Heroes, and 50 House Tours...
  • October 2020 Newsletter In this Issue: Life Lessons from Henry Ford, Happy 1 year Desi!, and Learn How to Create a Life that Helps You Preform Your Best
  • September 2020 Newsletter In this Issue: Buckle Up! Its Time for a Roadtrip, plus, Hot House Plant Tips and Hello Visuals!
  • August 2020 Newsletter In this Issue: How to Climb a Mountain plus How Tiffany makes BLF better. Also check out how all of our team member stay cool.