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Recently, The Button Law Firm helped a family in Pearland family secure recovery in a case involving the family’s young son, who suffered repeated bites and bruises from a “known biter” in his daycare class. The daycare center in Pearland cut safety corners and ignored several of the minimum standards and guidelines for daycare centers as defined by the state of Texas and the Department of Family and Protective Services.

Violations at the Pearland daycare center included failing to properly hire, train, and supervise caregivers. Because of these violations, the young boy suffered at least three deep bites and bruises over a 21-day period from a “known biter” in the class. The daycare facility failed to follow state guidelines and notify the parents, and they failed to take measures to protect the other children in the class despite having knowledge of the situation. Making matters worse, the Pearland daycare center had many similar violations in the past.

As a parent, you would like to think that your child’s daycare center in Houston complies with at least the state’s bare minimum standards and guidelines. Unfortunately, poor management, the desire the maximize profits, and cutting corners create environments where abuse, neglect, mistreatment, improper maintenance, and improper supervision are far too common at Houston-area daycare centers.

With our extensive experience as a Houston daycare injury attorney team we have compiled in this article, some of the most common injuries children experience at daycare centers in the Houston metro area. Also, we’re including some of our free guides and information to help Houston-area parents protect their children and know how to respond in the unfortunate event that their child is injured while in daycare.

The Most Common Injuries at Houston Daycare Centers

As a Daycare injury law firm, some of the most common injuries we see that children sustain at daycare centers include:

  • Burns: We often see children burned at daycare centers. The reasons include uncovered electrical outlets, improperly stored chemicals, and improperly stored or maintained bottle warmers. Bottle warmers use hot water to warm a child’s bottle of milk or formula. If not properly stored or maintained, bottle warmers can easily tip over and cause serious burns to infants and young children. Too often we see cases where hot bottle warmers are left within reach of young children, not properly secured to prevent tipping over, and loose cords left within reach of children. Scalding hot water from a bottle warmer can cause severe burns, blisters, and peeling skin; extreme pain and discomfort; muscle and tissue damage;  loss of limbs; and even death. Children should not sustain severe burns while at their daycare center.
  • Bruises, Broken Bones and Dislocated Joints: Children can easily sustain physical injuries such as bruises, broken bones, and dislocated joints when they are not properly supervised, and worse, the adults entrusted with their care intentionally abuse them.  We commonly see child injuries caused by improperly maintained playground equipment, improperly maintained indoor facilities, inadequate gates and fencing, and inadequate child supervision. Tragically, we also commonly see intentional physical abuse from daycare workers including striking, pulling, punching, shaking, and slapping children. Daycare facilities must be properly maintained to prevent injury, and under no circumstances should a daycare worker physically abuse a child.
  • Brain Injuries (TBI): Houston daycare centers that do not maintain playground equipment and classrooms can lead to children being seriously hurt, particularly from a traumatic brain injury. In addition, intentional abuse at the hands of a daycare worker, including striking and violently shaking an infant or child can lead to a child suffering a brain injury. These serious injuries can have severe and lifelong consequences for children and the parents who care for them.
  • Heatstroke: Kids like to play outside, but they often do not realize that it is time to rest, seek shade, or drink water, especially in the Houston heat. Some daycare workers in Houston may forget children in a hot bus or van, which can lead to serious medical issues. As a working parent, you trust the trained daycare workers to ensure that your child is properly supervised and not forgotten while at daycare. A trained daycare worker can easily prevent a child from heatstroke.
  • Suffocation and Choking: Children can suffocate when a loose object is improperly stored and becomes tied around their neck or when they are allowed to sleep in an improper position for their age. They can also choke on food that is not the right bite size for a child. That is why workers at Houston daycare centers must be properly trained, to ensure that hazards are avoided to prevent these incidents and injuries.
  • Poisoning: Incidents involving toxic materials can occur when Houston daycare centers do not follow directions on how to use strong chemicals like cleaners or do not store chemicals out of a child’s reach. Poisioning incidents can also happen when daycare workers in Houston give children improper doses of approved medications. There are strict standards and guidelines imposed by the state of Texas concerning the administering of drugs and medicine to children while at daycare. At a minimum, a parent must always be notified and consent to medications given to a child while at daycare. Daycare centers should never allow a child to be poisoned because of improper use or storage of chemicals, or the improper or abusive administration of drugs or medicine. 
  • Psychological injuries: Sometimes, your child’s injuries from an abusive daycare worker are not easily noticeable. In some cases, we see regressive behavior like bed-wetting, separation anxiety, excessive crying, and fear of unknown adults when a child has been the victim of psychological abuse, ridicule, physical abuse, or sexual abuse. Psychological injuries can be difficult to identify, but they can have some of the most severe and long-lasting impacts of any injury a child could sustain.

If you believe your child has been injured in any of the ways we listed above at the hands of a daycare center in Houston, reach out to us today to discuss your case by calling 281-857-6116 or filling out a contact form for a free consultation. We may be able to help your family get justice and compensation to help you move forward.

Time is of the essence. There is a two-year time limit for filing a daycare injury lawsuit in Texas. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek compensation. Reach out to our experienced team as soon as possible—you may help protect other children in Houston from experiencing similar injuries.

Free Resources to Find Safe Daycare Centers in Houston 

As discussed, we help families hold negligent daycares in the Houston area accountable for their reckless behavior. To help Houston families protect their children while at daycare, we’ve created the following free resources for parents:

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