Posted on Mar 12, 2024

Button Law Firm clients featured in allergic livingALLEN, Texas – Allergic Living, an esteemed publication for food allergy awareness, has brought attention to a recent and alarming daycare allergic reaction case in Allen, Texas. The case involves North Texas mom, Danielle Levy, and her toddler daughter, who suffered a distressing experience at a daycare center called Allen Knowledge Beginnings. The February 2024 legal proceedings, initiated by our team at The Button Law Firm, shed light on a critical incident where the 3-year-old suffered a severe allergic reaction after being fed fish sticks, raising serious concerns about the daycare center's negligence.

Allergic Living Feature: A Spotlight on Negligence

The gravity of this case is underscored by Allergic Living's in-depth feature, which meticulously details the events leading up to and following the life-threatening allergic reaction. The article delves into the failures of Allen Knowledge Beginnings to adhere to the child's established emergency allergy plan and provide immediate care during the critical moments of the incident.

Details About the North Texas Allergic Reaction Incident

Allergic Living's article provides details of the incident, shedding light on the scene where Levy's daughter was found in distress while in the bathroom, with significant swelling in her tongue, lips, and face. The detailed account highlights the urgency of the situation, as emergency responders administered two epinephrine injections (EpiPen) and oral medication to stabilize the child before transporting her to the hospital.

Legal Action and Recurring Incidents: Allergic Living's Analysis

The article delves into the legal ramifications of the case, outlining Levy's pursuit of damages for medical expenses and the emotional toll on her family. Allergic Living emphasizes the concerning pattern of repeated incidents, revealing that this was the second time in one month that the child was served fish despite the established allergy that the child’s mother notified the daycare about.

Daycare Center's Breach of Licensing Rules: Allergic Living's Investigative Reporting

Allergic Living's feature also draws attention to the findings of two state agencies, which determined that Allen Knowledge Beginnings breached licensing rules. Specifically, serving a child a food identified in an emergency plan as an allergen was noted as a violation, providing official recognition to the negligence outlined in the lawsuit.

Failure to Follow Emergency Plan: A Legal Perspective

According to the article, the daycare center neglected to follow the emergency care plan, thereby jeopardizing the safety of Levy's daughter. The article emphasizes the importance of proper caregiver training on fish allergies and food allergy safety, pointing out the daycare center's failure in this regard. Furthermore, the absence of required food allergy warnings in the classroom or on food trays is highlighted as a critical aspect of the case.

The Button Law Firm's Stance: Advocacy Beyond Legalities

Russell Button, the attorney representing Danielle Levy, is quoted in Allergic Living, emphasizing that this case transcends mere legalities. Button emphasizes the immense responsibilities daycare centers, like Allen Knowledge Beginnings, bear in safeguarding the lives of the children entrusted to their care.

How The Button Law Firm Holds Negligent Daycares Accountable

The Button Law Firm's advocacy for our client’s case, prominently featured on Allergic Living, stresses the critical need for heightened safety measures and comprehensive caregiver training in daycare centers. This exposure not only raises awareness about the challenges faced by families dealing with severe allergies but also calls for increased accountability to prevent life-threatening incidents in childcare facilities. The Button Law Firm remains committed to seeking justice and promoting a safer environment for all children in daycare settings.

Contact The Button Law Firm After a Daycare Injury

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