Posted on Jun 06, 2023

CBS 7 Midland Story on BLF client's daycare abuseMIDLAND – CBS7 has shared one West Texas family’s story after their young son was the victim of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse by his caregivers at Greenwood Baptist Church Learning Center. The article mentions the specifics of the abuse, stating, “According to the complaint, in one instance the caregivers left him in a kitchen pantry with the lights off, in another, they sprayed him with toxic disinfectant.” The article goes on to say, referencing the child’s mother, “Her son was also allegedly subjected to spanking and forced to sit next to a trash can for an excessive amount of time, which Button says the state investigators found on video.”

Midland-Odessa Attorney Russell Button Discusses Daycare Abuse at Greenwood Baptist Church

According to the article, the family’s attorney, Russell Button, detailed the outcome of the abuse. He was quoted saying, “The kid was traumatized from this, and it’s what we call a repeated trauma of a lot of different events that either the kid experienced first and or was exposed to.” He went on to say, “Bad actions with children at that age have profound impacts later on in their childhood and later on in life…”

The child’s mother has already noticed a change in her three-year-old child’s behavior, according to the family’s attorney.

With this lawsuit, the mother of the toddler is looking to hold the daycare responsible for their actions, many of which were direct violations of the state’s minimum standards. There was evidence of ongoing mistreatment, abuse and other inappropriate actions by caregivers; yet, the daycare’s leadership did nothing to put a stop to it, allowing more children to fall victim to abuse and neglect, as evident by the outcomes of the investigation the state conducted.

How The Button Law Firm is Working to Help This Midland, Texas Family

Our team is experienced in handling daycare injury cases involving abuse, neglect, or other mistreatment. We help families move forward by holding the daycare accountable for their actions. That might include filing a lawsuit to recover the damages the child has accumulated, including medical bills, therapy visits, pain and suffering, and more.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Parents After a Daycare Injury in Midland, Texas

We know exactly how parents feel after discovering their child has been mistreated at daycare. That’s why our Midland daycare injury legal team feels that it is essential that the daycare is held responsible for what they have done.

How to Contact the Daycare Abuse and Neglect Lawyers at The Button Law Firm

If you have a child who suffered from physical, psychological, or emotional injuries because of abusive daycare teachers at a Midland daycare, it’s important to take immediate action.

Our daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm have the experience necessary to hold dangerous daycares accountable and to help get your child the recovery they need to help your family keep moving forward.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to keep you and your family moving forward.

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