Posted on Apr 23, 2024

Photo of the North Texas familyCARROLLTON, Texas — The Button Law Firm is taking action on behalf of April Marin, a mother from Carrollton, whose 2-year-old son was discovered with a black eye and a punctured lip after being picked up from LMNOP Children’s Academy. Filing a lawsuit against the daycare center, The Button Law Firm is championing Marin's case, claiming negligence on the part of the caregivers and deception regarding the incident. This legal battle highlights our firm's unwavering commitment to advocating for families in times of distress.

What Happened at This DFW Daycare?

Upon inquiry from the child’s mother, LMNOP Children’s Academy initially attributed the toddler’s injuries to a mishap during snack time. However, surveillance footage told a different story. Marin was shocked to discover that her son had been dropped onto a nap cot by a frustrated caregiver, leading to the harrowing sequence of events that left him injured.

The lawsuit further asserts that LMNOP Children’s Academy failed to promptly inform Marin about the incident and delayed filing a required incident report. In a troubling display of dishonesty, the center provided misinformation and solicited false corroboration from another caregiver who wasn’t even present at the time of the accident. Marin’s son only received medical attention after she took him to an urgent care facility, showing the severity of the situation.

For further details and access to the complaint, click here.

A Texas Law Firm’s Mission for Accountability and Safety at DFW Daycares

Russell Button, a daycare injury attorney representing Marin, emphasizes the critical role of transparency and accountability in safeguarding children’s well-being. The incident not only highlights the negligence of LMNOP Children’s Academy but also emphasizes broader concerns about the safety protocols and practices within childcare facilities.

A Troubling Pattern of Safety Lapses – Warning Signs Parents Should Look Out For

Disturbingly, Marin’s case is not an isolated incident. Records from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission reveal a pattern of safety lapses at LMNOP Children’s Academy, spanning multiple years. These infractions range from failing to promptly notify parents of injuries to employing improper discipline tactics and neglecting background checks for caregivers.

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This Texas Family Seek Justice After a Daycare Injury

The case, filed in Dallas County, Texas, signals a broader call for accountability and reform within the childcare industry. The Button Law Firm advocates for Marin and her son and is committed to holding negligent parties accountable and ensuring that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

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The Button Law Firm is a Dallas-based personal injury firm dedicated to advocating for children and families impacted by negligence, particularly in cases involving daycare and child-related injuries. With a focus on meaningful litigation and community safety, our firm serves clients across Texas, offering legal support and representation to those in need.

Contacting The Button Law Firm After Your Child Suffers a Serious Injury at Daycare

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