Posted on May 13, 2024

Henderson County family that suffered from Daycare NegligenceSEVEN POINTS, Texas - In a distressing case of negligence, the parents of two toddlers found unattended outside a bank in Seven Points, Texas, are seeking justice from Building Blocks Childcare Center and its owner, Steven Stearman. The children, aged between 17 to 20 months, were discovered by a good Samaritan in December 2023, prompting legal action against the daycare center for alleged violations of state laws regarding supervision and safety.

The lawsuit, brought forth by parents Stephanie Morgan and Justin Brannon, highlights a series of disturbing incidents, including the toddlers being found with soaked diapers and painful stickers stuck to their bodies. Despite the cold temperatures, none of the children were wearing shoes or pants. Furthermore, the daycare's response to the incident was marred by lies and negligence, as revealed by surveillance footage obtained from nearby bank security cameras.

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Daycare Injury Attorney at The Button Law Firm Holds Henderson County Daycare Accountable

According to daycare injury attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, representing the families, the case highlights egregious violations of childcare laws that endangered the health and safety of innocent children. Building Blocks Childcare Center has been cited for multiple violations over the years, yet the negligence persisted, resulting in the harrowing ordeal faced by toddlers and their families.

“The multiple red flags in this daycare negligence case are shocking,” says daycare injury attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm. “Half of a toddler classroom disappeared and no one at Building Blocks Childcare Center even knew these young children were gone. Our focus in this lawsuit is to hold the center and Mr. Stearman accountable for completely ignoring several childcare laws that unnecessarily endangered the health and safety of innocent babies.”

As the legal battle unfolds in the District Court of Henderson County, Texas, the families are determined to hold the daycare center and its owner accountable for their disregard of childcare laws and the well-being of the children in their care.

Lack of Supervision and Caregiver Negligence Lead to Toddlers Wandering from the Texas Daycare Center

The investigation following the incident uncovered shocking lapses in supervision and safety protocols at the daycare center. Despite being in a class of only six children, the toddlers were able to exit the premises unnoticed for an extended period. This negligence not only endangered the children's lives but also caused immense distress to their families.

Moreover, Building Blocks Childcare Center's track record of previous citations raises serious concerns about the center's commitment to providing a safe environment for children. Violations included having an absent daycare director, neglecting children, and using the infant classroom as a pass-through room with an unmonitored exterior door. These systemic failures demonstrate a pattern of negligence that cannot be ignored.

The families remain hopeful for a resolution that not only counteracts their suffering but also brings about meaningful change within the childcare industry. Through their courageous pursuit of justice, they send a powerful message that negligence and disregard for children's safety will not be tolerated.

“My heart was broken upon learning how little Building Blocks Childcare Center actually cared for my child, and further disrespected us again by lying,” says Stephanie Morgan, one of the parents suing Building Blocks Childcare Center and its owner. “We selected this daycare center based on its claims of providing a nurturing environment and superior childcare, which were clearly lies as well. I cannot thank the good Samaritan and bank teller enough for saving my baby.”

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Our team at The Button Law Firm stands by the families, advocating fiercely for their rights and seeking justice in the face of adversity. In our unwavering commitment to holding negligent parties accountable, we strive to make communities safer for children across Texas and beyond. To learn more about how we have helped families move forward from daycare negligence and abuse, click here.

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