Jacqueline and her family at her sister in law's baby showerJacqueline’s Celebrating Three Years at The Button Law Firm!

March is a very special month at The Button Law Firm as we celebrate the three-year work anniversary of Jacqueline Golan, our dedicated Marketing Specialist. Originally from Houston, Jacqueline brought her talents to Dallas after college, becoming an integral part of our team and our growth. Keep reading to learn more about Jacqueline’s journey and

Exciting Changes to Look Forward to

Jacqueline has seen a lot of changes in both her personal and professional life since joining us. With her parents moving up from Houston recently, she’s looking forward to spending more quality time with her family and diving into the bustling life of the DFW area more than ever.

Despite having lived here for seven years, Jacqueline admits there’s much of the Dallas area she’s yet to explore. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, she’s set on making the city her playground.

Jacqueline’s Professional Accomplishments and Goals

On the professional front, Jacqueline reflects on her growth over the past three years with pride. The Button Law Firm has seen significant expansion during her tenure, and she’s thrilled to have played a pivotal role in that evolution. Her efforts in marketing have been crucial, setting up new campaigns that effectively communicate what The Button Law Firm stands for and how we can assist those in need, particularly families dealing with daycare injuries.

How an Impact is Being Made with BLF’s Digital Presence

One of Jacqueline’s major achievements has been enhancing the firm’s digital presence. Working closely with the firm’s founder, Russell, they’ve revamped the website, enriched content, and ventured into newer social media territories like TikTok. To check out The Button Law Firm’s TikTok page, click here.

These platforms have become vital in reaching out and educating more people, changing perceptions about law firms in the process. Jacqueline and the team aim to show that The Button Law Firm isn’t just any law firm — it’s more like a family, modern and caring, especially when clients are going through tough times.

Helping Families Affected by Negligent Daycares

The shift in perception is something Jacqueline finds rewarding. As she shares the firm’s mission to promote the well-being of kids at daycare and prevent future incidents by fostering accountability, the initial skepticism she faces transforms into genuine respect. It’s a testament to the importance of her work in showcasing the firm’s dedication and making a difference in people’s lives.

The Journey Ahead – How Jacqueline is Looking Forward to the Future

As Jacqueline celebrates her third year with us, her enthusiasm for the journey ahead is noticeable. She’s not just looking forward to exploring Dallas and planning travels; she’s excited about continuing to contribute to the firm’s mission, reaching more families, and making an impact. Moreover, with the recent inclusion of our newest marketing specialist, Margo`, Jacqueline is poised to achieve even greater heights, fostering collaborative endeavors that promise significant growth and success for us all.

Here’s to many more years of growth, exploration, and success with Jacqueline as a key member of The Button Law Firm family.

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