Toddler dies on changing table at daycare in AlabamaDEMOPOLIS, Alabama – On March 25, 2024, 5-month-old Brayden Roberson tragically lost his life because of caregiver abuse at daycare. As dedicated advocates for child safety, our hearts ache for the Robertson family following the devastating loss of their beloved son. This deeply heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of abusive caregivers and highlights the critical need for stringent safety measures within daycares around the country.

Brayden Robertson, a precious baby boy, brought endless joy and love into his family's lives. His mother shared that his infectious laughter and radiant smile illuminated their days, making his sudden departure all the more incomprehensible.

What Happened at This Alabama Daycare?

On that March day, Brayden’s mother, Taylor, received a call that her son was unresponsive. That’s when she had a coworker drive her to the daycare, where she arrived about three minutes later and was confronted with the unimaginable sight of her unresponsive child on a changing table, forever altering the trajectory of their lives.

The daycare employee who was supposed to be caring for Brayden, Versa Mae Simmons, was then arrested on charges of murder and child abuse. Revelations from court records have unveiled a pattern of repeated abuse inflicted upon Brayden and potentially other innocent children under Simmons' supervision.

To see the full article from WSFA, click here.

Texas Daycare Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys Share Thoughts On this Horrific Daycare Incident

As daycare injury and wrongful death attorneys, we were deeply disturbed when we heard about this recent incident. Cases of wrongful death at daycare facilities are utterly horrifying and entirely intolerable. The sheer vulnerability of children, especially infants, emphasizes the critical need for unwavering vigilance and meticulous care. Sadly, though, instances of abuse and neglect continue to happen within daycare settings across the nation, posing grave risks of enduring harm or even more tragic outcomes.

In addressing daycare abuse, our legal team has identified that a common theme is shortcomings within daycare management. It is evident that daycare leadership is failing in their duty to keep kids safe. Owners and directors possess essential tools to prevent or halt abuse.

Key measures include conducting thorough background checks during the hiring process, closely monitoring caregivers' interactions with children, and meticulously documenting any incidents involving said caregivers. These steps are indispensable for safeguarding children in daycare environments.

Unfortunately, not all daycare facilities adhere to these fundamental guidelines. Our experience underscores a concerning trend where directors and caregivers neglect crucial protocols, resulting in negative outcomes for innocent children.

Know the Signs of Daycare Abuse – When to be Concerned

The WSFA 12 article adds more details, mentioning Brayden’s parents' experiences where daycare staff brushed off their prior worries about scratches and injuries. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for daycares to hide or downplay abuse to protect themselves. But if you sense something's not right at your daycare, don't hesitate to dig deeper with incident reports and your own inquiries. And if you have any suspicions, report them to the state agency handling daycare licenses—they'll investigate independently.

In the aftermath of this harrowing tragedy, we urge parents to ask questions, demand transparency, and prioritize the safety of their children above all else. Heightened vigilance and unwavering commitment to accountability can serve as powerful deterrents against negligence and abuse, potentially sparing other families from facing life-changing tragedies. At The Button Law Firm, we stand in solidarity with the Robertson family and all families who have endured the nightmare of daycare negligence or abuse.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide compassionate support and steadfast legal advocacy to ensure that justice is served and that the voices of innocent children are heard. We remain steadfast in our resolve to champion accountability, transparency, and the highest standards of safety in childcare settings. Together, let us strive towards a future where every child is cherished, protected, and nurtured as they rightfully deserve.

For further guidance on daycare safety or to seek legal assistance in cases of daycare injury or negligence, please reach out to The Button Law Firm. We are here to offer compassionate support and legal expertise as you navigate the path towards justice for your child and your family.

Contacting The Button Law Firm After a Catastrophic Injury or Death at Daycare

If your child was catastrophically injured or was the victim of wrongful death due to daycare negligence or abuse, you may have options for getting justice. Contact our experienced daycare injury and wrongful death attorneys to get answers to your questions. You can reach out to a member of our team by calling (214)699-4409 or by telling us your story in the contact form. You can also reach out to our team by starting a chat.

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