In July of 2018, a Wise County mother was driving with her 8-year-old son in her car when she was hit by a driver who failed to stop at a stop sign. This wreck caused the car to propel into a ditch. The mother lost consciousness and the child suffered severe physical injuries. Every airbag in the car deployed. The two were rushed to the nearest hospital, but the young boy had to be transferred to a children’s hospital trauma unit for more intensive care. There, doctors discovered serious injuries to his spine, including fractures. He was also suffering from abrasions to her neck, chest, elbows, and abdomen. He was placed in a cervical thoracic orthosis (CTO) brace for an entire month. An example of this type of brace can be seen below.

Cervical thoracic Orthosis (CTO) brace used by our clientThis back brace was to be worn at all times, including during bathing and sleeping.

While in this brace, he was not allowed to participate in any sort of physical activity, including recess, physical education (P.E.), or sports. Even for several months after using the back brace, he was prohibited from doing many of the physical activities that a child his age would normally participate in. The doctors ordered him to always remain with both feet on the ground – running, jumping, riding a bicycle, exercising were all activities that were unsafe for him to do. Ultimately, doctors determined that the young boy may never be able to participate in any sort of contact sports again because of the risk of another severe and potentially irreversible injury to his neck.

What the Button Law Firm Did to Help

Because of another driver’s negligence, this child’s life has been changed forever. He won’t get to pursue some of the things he’s always dreamed of, like joining his school’s football team. He won’t be able to socialize with the other children through sports.

It could have all been avoided had the driver been paying attention.

The child’s parents came to us for help after this car wreck in search of justice for their child. They wanted the negligent driver to be held accountable for the pain they caused to this young boy and his family.

Our team saw the impact this car wreck had on this family, and how it affected this young boy’s future. We immediately took this case on to help this young boy and his family get some form of recovery for all they lost.

Although no amount of money will take back what happened, the family was able to receive some much-needed help for necessary medical treatment to keep them moving forward with life.

How The Button Law Firm Helps Children Who Were Injured in Car WrecksXray after child sustained life-changing injuries from a car wreck.

Unfortunately, car wrecks like these happen quite often. And what’s worse is that children are more susceptible to serious injuries, as they are smaller and tend to have less developed muscles, bones, and joints. These often preventable incidents can ruin a child’s future and strain a family’s ability to provide for their kids – simply because a driver didn’t want to follow the rules of the road. That’s why we make sure that these drivers are held responsible.

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