We expect daycare owners to hire the correct and qualified caregivers that will be working with the children. This will be essential toward the success of their business. A daycare owner can’t hire a person who does not have the patience for young children. This, unfortunately, was the case at Star bright Learning Center.

What Happened At This Houston Daycare?

four year old victim of daycare abuse in HoustonStar bright Learning Center, located in Houston, Texas did not do a proper hiring process, leading them to hire an unqualified daycare worker who abused a child while under their care. This lead to this employee using violence on a young child. Children are extremely delicate and must be handled with care, as well as patience. At times it is hard to care for three children at a time and most times teachers are asked to look after twenty. Children can be extremely active and full of energy, and patience from the staff should be a requirement. Focus and awareness is also something that should be required because that is what it takes when dealing with these little ones. No one ever said that this was an easy task, but this is something that the staff signed up for and because of that everyone must be accountable for their actions as a whole. Starting with the higher ups on down.

A mother went to go pick up her child from daycare, and on their way out of the building she noticed that he child was visibly shaken and wouldn’t stop holding his left cheek. When she got him inside the car and asked him questions, the child then moved his hand from his cheek and to her surprise, there was a hand print across his cheek. The mother described the injury as “a giant hand-print plain as daylight across his face.”

The mother immediately went into the daycare facility and confronted the daycare’s director and her child’s teacher. The child’s teacher openly admitted she had hit her son on the face. The teacher was then arrested and charged with a felony. These things happen quite often and some children are afraid to speak up and continue to be mistreated by the hands that are suppose to protect them. It is extremely painful to even have to visualize these things happening and also to know that the truth of the matter is that it is happen all across the world on a daily basis.  

“I want to make sure she’s never allowed to be around children again. Who’s to say she hasn’t done this before and if it hadn’t been reported she would still be hurting kids" said the mother and she is absolutely correct. This is why it’s important to report any injury that your child has suffered at the hands of these daycare programs. No matter how big or small we may think it to be. If a caregiver is willing to put their hands on a child, there is no telling what other things he or she would do to other children. They know that is never accepted and is completely against the law, but they make the choice to do it anyway. This type of behavior is reckless behavior and are signs that the daycare as a unit is not a safe place for children to be. The hiring process is clearly not up to standards and you can bet that there is a number of violations being committed at the facility.

Follow this link on how to make an incident report. It can be a world of difference

Daycare's often get swamped with kids, so they get desperate and hire anyone who comes through the doors asking for a job. We have a guide on how to select a daycare and what qualifications we believe a caregiver should have. Knowing the things to look for when choosing the right daycare facility, can greatly reduce the chances of your child experiences neglect or preventable injuries.

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