Child injured from fall at Houston DaycareWhat Houston Parents Need to Know About Falls at Daycare

According to Stanford Medicine Children's Health, nearly 3 million children in the U.S. visit hospital emergency rooms like Houston’s Texas Children’s Hospital and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital for fall-related injuries every year. That figure includes injuries from fall incidents that occur at daycare centers across Houston. Children are considered a high-risk group for fall injuries.

Common Causes of Kids Falling at Houston Daycares

Let’s face it: Kids in Houston are likely to fall as their developmental skills evolve. Falls occur as they learn how to walk and grow distracted by their natural curiosity. Children younger than five years old are at the greatest risk of experiencing a fall-related injury, according to a medical article by pediatricians published in January 2023. However, a child who experiences a serious fall and gets critically injured at a daycare center in Houston is not something to brush off as just an accident. Often, a lack of supervision and monitoring is the root cause.

Common ways that a child can be seriously hurt from a fall are largely age-dependent and based on a child’s growing capabilities. Infants, being the most vulnerable, can fall and experience extensive injuries while in the care of a Houston childcare facility. Ways they can fall include:

  • Being dropped by a caregiver holding them
  • Sliding off chairs or couches
  • Rolling off changing tables
  • Trying to climb out of cribs
  • Wiggling, being unrestrained, or standing up and falling from highchairs

Toddlers, children ages five and under, often fall from the following Houston daycare equipment and furniture or in these common scenarios:

  • Sliding off of chairs or couches 
  • Slides, jungle gyms, and other playground equipment
  • Slippery or unclean floors at the daycare
  • Steps or stairs too big or steep for little legs
  • Tall furniture or other surfaces
  • Uneven surfaces

How Can My Child Get Hurt From a Fall at a Daycare in Houston?

When a child falls from a high surface without any protection at a Houston daycare center, serious injuries may include:

While falls are the most common infant-related injuries, less than 1% of infant fatalities are attributed to these incidents. Still, because young children’s bodies are fragile, the impact of a hard landing is bound to cause serious injuries.  

How Can Daycare Centers in Houston Prevent Serious Fall Injuries?

Houston daycare centers that follow state laws and minimum care safety guidelines can easily protect children from serious, preventable falls and injuries with potential lifelong impacts. Here are a few ways that daycare centers can provide a safe environment for children of all ages:

  • Clean and maintain the facility so that children do not trip on objects
  • Daycare directors or managers maintain constant supervision of caregivers
  • Ensure all furniture such as bookshelves, changing tables, or storage cabinets are properly secured to the walls
  • Maintain playground equipment
  • Properly train staff and review safety protocols such as not leaving babies alone on a changing table
  • Provide adequate supervision of children by reducing child-to-caregiver ratios
  • Stop children from climbing on furniture or high surfaces that are unsafe

Our Houston daycare injury lawyers have created a free guide to help parents like you find a safe daycare for their children.

Can I Sue If My Child Was Hurt Because of a Preventable Fall at a Daycare in Houston?

Houston families have the option to hold the daycare responsible for their negligence and failure to keep their child safe by filing a claim. You have two years to file a claim to seek compensation, also known as damages, and hold the daycare center accountable.

Damages that a family may be compensated for include:

  • Emotional distress
  • Medical expenses, including a child’s ongoing or future medical treatments and therapy
  • Pain and suffering

In the tragic event that a child experiences a fatal injury because of a preventable fall at a Houston daycare, surviving parents may be eligible for compensation to cover: 

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred prior to passing away
  • Loss of consortium for family members
  • Loss of income
  • Emotional damages such as pain and suffering
  • Other unexpected costly fees

It is important to speak with the experienced Houston daycare attorneys at The Button Law Firm, who will listen and determine the best way to help you and your family move forward. 

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