Dallas Daycare Negligence and Abuse Attorney Wants Daycares To Play Closer Attention To Who They Hire

Daycare workers should be extremely cautious of who they hire to take care of our children. 

Unfortunately, daycares tend to hire anyone who can put a good front and gets along with children. Sometimes, the employee isn’t good with children but they still apply because they see it as an easy check. 

These negligent hires are reasons why children get abused and neglected while at daycare. It’s not fair for the parent to have to pay ridiculous amount in daycare tuition when they don’t have a properly trained and selected staff. 

List Of Qualities A Daycare Should Search For In A Candidate: 

  1. Have a passion for kids
  2. Patience
  3. An anticipation of harmful child behavior
  4. Honesty
  5. Caring
  6. Check out our article to see these qualifications explained by following the link:

What Can Dallas Daycares Do To Hire Qualified Employees? 

What Happened Here? 

A daycare decided to hire an employee without properly screening him. The employee they hired turned out to be a child rapist who already had 8 victims while working at the daycare. After being arrested and his laptop taken to a Computer Forensic Laboratory in Dallas, the forensic specialist found over 400 pictures and videos of child pornography

Who knows what would’ve happened had he not been arrested and continued to work alongside children daily. 

I want to bring awareness as to how important it is for a daycare to take the time to really get to know their employee candidates and make it a long process. Not just hire the first person that comes through the door. 

What Can The Button Law Firm Do To Help? 

As I have stated above, I want to bring an end to daycare's carelessly hiring employees. Especially when those employees put our children at risk. 

We need your help. If your child has been abused or neglected by a daycare staff member, please contact us and we will show you the correct way to report it to the State as well as the proper steps to take after from a legal standpoint. Our Dallas number is 214-888-2216 or you can fill out our Contact Us form. 

Please feel free to download our free consumer guide: A Five Step Guide For Parents Dealing With A Daycare Injury 


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