Daycare with shelf that includes various toys.Daycare centers should be extremely cautious of who they hire to take care of our children. 

Unfortunately, daycare centers tend to hire anyone who can put on a good front and act like they get along with children. Sometimes, the employee isn’t good with children but they still apply because they see it as an easy check. They have zero experience most of the time and simply do not have a passion for children. The hiring process is treated as a joke and these facilities are putting profit over the safety of the children. Children are delicate and defenseless and need the proper supervision and care. Anything less than this is a sure method to injuries or even worst, death.

These negligent hires are the reasons why children get abused and neglected while at daycare. It’s not fair for the parent to have to pay ridiculous amounts of money in daycare tuition and in return receive a horrible caregiver that is causes harm to the child. This is absolutely ridiculous and wrong on so many levels. Until parents like you reading this, step up and demand justice, these daycare centers will continue to get away with harming kids. When these daycare centers do not have a properly trained and selected staff, is when we can expect repeated events to cause harm to our beloved children. 

List Of Qualities A Daycare Should Search For In A Candidate: 

  1. Must have a passion for kids
  2. Must have patience with children ​
  3. Honesty is a must
  4. Must care about the kids
  5. Check out our article to see these qualifications explained by following the link:

What Can Dallas Daycares Do To Hire Qualified Employees? 

What Happened At This Negligent Daycare? 

A daycare decided to hire an employee without properly screening him. The employee they hired turned out to be a child rapist who already had 8 victims while working at the daycare. After being arrested, his laptop was taken to a Computer Forensic Laboratory in Dallas, in which a forensic specialist found over 400 pictures and videos of child pornography. How does this happen? This employee had no business being close to the daycare center but in fact, worked at the daycare center. Parents send their children to daycare to be safe and protected and definitely don't expect these facilities to hire criminals like rapists. This is so mind-boggling and is a disgrace on behalf of those of the hire-ups.  

Who knows what would’ve happened had he not been arrested and continued to work alongside children daily. This was giving the employee free-range and multiple opportunities to bring harm to an innocent child. It is very vital for parents to take a stand, and not only hold the employee accountable but also those in charge of making sure that they are hiring the best-qualified staff. 

I want to bring awareness as to how important it is for a daycare to take the time to really get to know their employee candidates and make it a long process. They can not just hire the first person that walks through the door, and I believe that the hiring process should automatically be approved by an FBI background check, the same process of purchasing a firearm. This will be done to make sure that situations like this never happen again. Offenders and Rapists would run off when they know that a proper background check will be done.

What Can The Button Law Firm Do To Help? 

As I have stated above, I want to bring an end to daycare's careless hiring process of their employees. Especially when those employees put our children at risk and do not care about the well-being of them. Parents like you are needed to end this madness and deliver justice for our children. 

We need your help. If your child has been abused or neglected by a daycare staff member, please contact us and we will show you the correct way to report it to the State as well as the proper steps to take after from a legal standpoint. Our number is 214-699-4409 or you can fill out our Contact Us form. 

Please feel free to download our free consumer guide: A Five-Step Guide For Parents Dealing With A Daycare Injury 


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