Baby on ground after falling at Spring DaycareIn Spring, the demand for childcare is intensified by a community of busy working families and a young population. In fact, 34.1% of Spring’s population is under 18 years old, according to the latest Census report. The stress on childcare facilities in the area can sometimes lead to a disregard for child safety in order to maximize profits. When Spring daycare centers ignore state child-to-caregiver ratios by placing too many children in a single classroom or hire unqualified workers, young children can be at risk of dangerous falls and serious injuries.

If your child was seriously injured because of a fall at a daycare center in Spring, our Spring daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm can help you get the compensation your family deserves to move forward. Below, we break down the common causes of fall injuries, how children can get hurt, and what parents in Spring can do after a child is injured by a preventable fall at a local daycare center.

Common Causes of Kids Falling at Daycare Centers in Spring

Adventures for little ones often include tumbles as they explore the world on wobbly legs, fueled by their natural curiosity. In fact, children younger than 5 years old are at the greatest risk of experiencing a fall-related injury, according to a medical article by pediatricians published in January 2023. However, when a child sustains a serious injury at a daycare center in Spring, it is crucial not to dismiss it as a mere accident. Often, inadequate supervision is at the heart of such incidents.

Infants are the most vulnerable to fall injuries at negligent daycare centers in Spring. The following dangerous scenarios can happen when caregivers are not attentive to babies in their care:

  • Being dropped by a caregiver holding them
  • Sliding off chairs or couches
  • Rolling off changing tables
  • Trying to climb out of cribs
  • Wiggling unrestrained or standing up and falling from highchairs

Toddlers aged 5 and under face different risks of falling when they are not properly supervised at a daycare center in Spring, such as:

  • Sliding off of chairs or couches

How Children in Spring Can Get Hurt from a Fall at a Daycare Center  

When a child falls from a high surface without any protection at a daycare center in Spring, serious injuries may include:

Can I Sue If My Child Was Hurt Because of a Preventable Fall at a Daycare Center in Spring?

Families in Spring, Texas, have the option to hold the daycare responsible for their negligence and failure to protect a child from a preventable fall. You have two years to file a claim to seek compensation, also known as damages, and hold the Spring daycare center accountable for a child’s fall injuries.

Damages that a family may be compensated for in a Spring daycare fall injury case include:

  • Emotional distress
  • Medical expenses, including a child’s ongoing or future medical treatments and therapy
  • Pain and suffering

Less than 1% of infant fatalities are attributed to preventable fall incidents because their tiny bodies are so delicate. In the tragic event that a child experiences a fatal injury because of a preventable fall at a daycare center in Spring, surviving parents can file a wrongful death of a child suit. They may be eligible for compensation to cover: 

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred prior to passing away
  • Loss of consortium for family members
  • Loss of income
  • Emotional damages such as pain and suffering
  • Other unexpected costly fees

It is important to speak with the experienced Spring daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm, who will listen and determine the best way to help you and your family move forward. 

More Fall Injury Resources for Spring Parents  

Our experienced Spring daycare injury lawyers have created several free articles and videos to educate parents like you about what to do if your child is seriously hurt because of a fall at a local childcare facility:

We Can Help After a Child Experiences a Fall Injury at a Daycare Center in Spring

Our team of experienced and compassionate Spring daycare injury attorneys at The Button Law Firm is dedicated to advocating for you and your family if your child is seriously injured by a preventable fall at a daycare center in Spring, Texas. We are ready to listen and fight to help your family get justice and move forward. Our attorneys at The Button Law Firm are recognized on the prestigious Texas Super Lawyers list, and we can help guide you after a traumatizing incident involving your child. We work on contingency, meaning we don’t charge you or collect any upfront fees to get started on your case. Call us at 281-857-6116, email [email protected], or fill out a contact form for a free consultation.

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