Thermi procedures sound like a dream come true. However, the harsh reality is that they can become your worst nightmare.

There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about choosing to have a cosmetic procedure done.  Cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular and are supposed to be safer than ever before.  Recently, those who have tried Thermi are speaking out and talking about their experiences with their procedure. Patients and doctors who trust Thermi are being misled about the ThermiRF system device that controls all Thermi treatments, including ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth ThermiVa, ThermiRase, and more. This device has a history of burning and injuring patients. If you are looking at getting a Thermi procedure, take a few minutes to read over these 3 most common complaints about Thermi procedures before you decide.Should I get a thermi procedure?


1.)   You Can Develop “Crepey” Skin That Magnifies Wrinkles

Many people save money and choose to get a Thermi procedure done because they are unhappy with how a section of skin looks. Thermi procedures are marketed as procedures that make your skin smoother and tighter. In reality, one of the most common complaints that patients have is that their previously soft and smooth skin is now “crepey” or wrinkled and their skin is actually worse off than before.

This sparks a lot of frustration in two different ways. First, if you are looking at getting this procedure done you probably want to either keep your smooth skin or achieve smoother and tighter skin. If one of the most common complaints is that the skin becomes crepey and wrinkled you should rethink your decision. Second, while Thermi claims to help you look younger and fight the signs of aging, you end up looking older. When you think about what “young” skin looks like you probably imagine smooth, even, and tight skin.


2.)   You Can Be Burned, Experience Nerve Damage, and High Levels of Pain

The second most common complaint is that the Thermi device can burn patients. Often times, this happens without the physician even knowing it is happening. It isn’t until after the procedure that the doctor and the patient learn that the device spiked in temperature and caused severe burns to the underlayers of the patient’s skin. The burns will often cause blisters to appear on the outside layers of the skin that may open up to visible wounds.

Patients report that the procedures are very painful and they feel numbness and experience nerve damage months after their procedure. So much so that a few of them suggest to have someone take them home because the pain was too much to want to drive.  Thermi provides treatments for several areas on the body including face, stomach, thighs, neck, and more. A patient can experience these burns, blisters, nerve damage, and high levels of pain in any area that they receive the procedure.


3.)   The Damage Done to Your Skin Can Be Permanent and Irreversible

Hearing about a one-treatment-wonder and then all of your insecurities will melt away sounds like a dream. Many people can come around to the idea that it is feasible to save up and to commit to one treatment. In their mind, they have nothing to lose. What is not factored in is the reality of the procedure either not working like they anticipated, needing to do several corrective surgeries or procedures, or even having permanent damage that cannot be reversed.

One of the scariest experiences that patients have had to deal with is having to deal with potentially permanent damage. Patients are being told after the fact that they need liposuction, further plastic surgery on the area that they received the treatment, fillers in areas where tissue was lost, and even that there is simply nothing that can be done. Patients do not expect to need multiple procedures because Thermi promotes and advertises that you only need a single treatment to get the results you want and that the procedures are safe. You could be facing lifelong damage after one of the ThermiGen procedures.

I have an injury from a Thermi procedure, what should I do?

If you have experienced burns, injuries, medical complications, or other difficulties after undergoing a procedure like ThermiTight, ThermiVa, ThermiSmooth, or others using the ThermiRF system device, please contact the experienced product liability team at The Button Law Firm.  We are currently fighting against ThermiGen, LLC, the company that manufactures and sells the ThermiRF device, and are dedicated to protecting people like you from further harm as a result of Thermi’s unsafe device and treatments.  Connect with us through the link on this page or call us at 214-699-4409.

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