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Child crying after suffering injury at daycareDALLAS, Texas – The Dallas Express has featured a heart-wrenching case that has captured the attention of the community, as a North Texas mother is taking legal action against a daycare facility following a distressing incident that left her child injured. The Dallas Express recently featured this story, highlighting the involvement of The Button Law Firm in representing the affected family.

What Happened at This North Texas Daycare?

According to the article, the incident occurred at LMNOP Children’s Academy in Carrollton, where a 2-year-old child sustained serious physical and emotional injuries in November 2023. The lawsuit, filed by the child’s mother, April Marin, centers around these injuries and the subsequent actions of the daycare staff.

Emily Nava of The Dallas Express provided further details, shedding light on the family's traumatic experience and the legal battle they have embarked upon. According to the lawsuit, Marin discovered her son with the beginnings of a black eye and a swollen bottom lip that had been punctured through when she picked him up from the daycare.

Surveillance Footage Reveals the Truth

Initially, the daycare staff claimed that the injuries occurred while the child ate a snack. However, surveillance footage later revealed a different and more alarming scenario. Attorney Russell Button of The Button Law Firm, representing the family, explained that the video showed a visibly frustrated worker dropping the child onto a nap cot and then yanking the cot from beneath him. This caused the boy to fall, hit his head, and bite through his bottom lip.

Button shared with The Dallas Express the impact this incident had on the family. “As you can imagine, the family was heartbroken, not just because their son was injured but also because they were lying about it,” he said. The revelation that the daycare provided incorrect information on the incident report to the state further compounded the family's distress.

Button emphasized the serious implications of such actions, stating, “Attempting to cover up a child’s head injury puts his health at risk. And then also you have the psychological impact.” This section feels unfinished, we may want to add in an additional sentence here.

Violations of Texas Daycare Licensing Rules

The article shares further details, saying that the lawsuit asserts that LMNOP Children’s Academy violated two Texas childcare licensing rules related to general responsibilities, discipline, and guidance. The Button Law Firm is seeking recovery for the family, aiming to hold the daycare accountable and ensure compliance with safety laws. The family also hopes their case will raise awareness about issues within negligent daycare facilities, encouraging stricter supervision and better protection for children.

A History of Violations by LMNOP Carrollton

The Dallas Express highlighted the broader context of the daycare’s history, noting that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission had cited LMNOP at least 14 times between March 2019 and March 2023 for various violations. These included failures to demonstrate competency, good judgment, and self-control, notifying parents of injuries to children, completing first aid training, completing proper background checks, and properly supervising children.

Dallas Daycare Injury Attorney Discusses Troubling Daycare Trends

Button, who has extensive experience handling daycare negligence cases, pointed out a troubling trend among daycare facilities, saying that many daycares attempt to cover up incidents like this one.

He shares more with The Dallas Express, saying, “The kids don’t have a voice and really know what’s going on, and so these daycares feel like they can get away with it. Thankfully, we’re able to uncover a lot of the actual things that happen in our investigations. Our goal is to make daycares a safe place for families,”

Making Texans Aware of Mistreatment and Abuse at Daycares

The story of April Marin and her son, as featured by The Dallas Express, underscores the critical need for vigilance and accountability in childcare settings. It also highlights the vital role of dedicated legal representation in seeking justice and systemic change. Through the efforts of our team at The Button Law Firm, the family is pursuing justice for their ordeal and advocating for safer environments for all children.

How The Button Law Firm is Helping This North Texas Family Move Forward

Our team at The Button Law Firm is playing a pivotal role in helping this North Texas family move forward from the traumatic incident at LMNOP Children’s Academy. By providing compassionate and dedicated legal representation, our firm is seeking justice for the injuries sustained by the child and aiming to ensure accountability and systemic change within the daycare industry. Through our thorough investigation and unwavering support, The Button Law Firm is empowering the family, helping them navigate the legal process, and advocating for safer childcare environments to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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