Young children are just naturally curious. It's normal for them to explore by touching, tasting, and smelling items that they may not know are dangerous or off-limits. However, it's up to the adults that are caring for the kids to prevent them from ingesting something that's toxic. Daycares and caregivers are supposed to know how to properly store chemicals, medication, and other poisonous items away from children, but some daycares cut corners. Some of the everyday items that children can be poisoned from are:

  • household cleaners
  • laundry detergent/pods
  • medication
  • cosmetics
  • disinfecting wipes
  • hand sanitizer

We all know that when kids end up being exposed to dangerous substances, they can get extremely ill or possibly die. If ingested, those items can cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, abdominal pain, and anaphylactic shock. And if a lot was ingested, children can suffer long-term effects from the poisoning including damage to the brain, and central nervous system. Kids are naturally curious, but they shouldn't be subjected to being hurt because a daycare decided to cut corners and didn't do their job. If your child was poisoned in daycare, reach out to our Houston daycare injury lawyer to get answers to the questions that you may have. Every day we work hard to hold daycares accountable and prevent incidents like poisonings from happening.

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