Posted on Mar 27, 2024

BLF Clients Featured by WBAPKELLER/FORT WORTH – WBAP News has shared the story of a daycare lawsuit in DFW. In a significant legal development, The Button Law Firm represents Jeffrey and Brook Napier, a North Texas couple, in a lawsuit against Park Vista Children’s Academy near the Keller/Fort Worth border. The lawsuit, filed in Tarrant County, revolves around claims of aggressive and inappropriate treatment inflicted upon their 23-month-old daughter by daycare staff members.

What Happened at This Tarrant County Daycare?

The article shares further aspects of the lawsuit and the incident that led to it. The lawsuit, stemming from an incident in August 2023, details that the couple's daughter, along with other children, endured alarming mistreatment at the daycare facility. According to statements released by The Button Law Firm, surveillance footage from the facility revealed disturbing scenes wherein a caregiver was seen forcefully handling the child for more than 20 minutes. The footage shows instances of the caregiver yanking the girl’s arm, pushing her into a classroom door for timeout, and even shoving her head against a wall when the little girl attempted to retreat.

How These North Texas Parents Are Seeking Justice for Their Daughter

The feature from WBAP features further information on how the North Texas couple is working to get justice for their child.

As clients of The Button Law Firm, the Napiers expressed profound concern for the safety and well-being of all children enrolled at the facility. Brook Napier conveyed her distress, stating, “No parent should have to endure the torment of discovering their child was subjected to such rough treatment.” The family, having entrusted The Button Law Firm with their legal representation, is committed to seeking justice and accountability for the mistreatment of their daughter.

State Investigation Findings: a Pattern of Mistreatment

An independent investigation by the Texas Health and Human Services Child-Care Licensing Division and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services found the Park Vista Children’s Academy violated several childcare licensing rules. These violations included failures to ensure the prevention of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation, prohibition of corporal punishment, and failure to set appropriate behavior expectations for caregivers, among others. The academy also had previously received citations from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for various deficiencies between September 2019 and March 2023.

The Significance of This Texas Daycare Lawsuit: BLF Works Towards Justice

The lawsuit against Park Vista Children’s Academy, with The Button Law Firm representing the Napiers, highlights the crucial importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of children in daycare settings. As clients of The Button Law Firm, the Napier family is steadfast in their pursuit of justice for their daughter, who was severely impacted by such mistreatment. The Button Law Firm remains committed to providing diligent legal representation and advocacy for families facing similar challenges.

To learn more about the full details of the lawsuit, click here.

Contacting The Button Law Firm After a Daycare Incident

If your child has been involved in an incident at a daycare facility, taking immediate action is crucial to ensure their well-being and your peace of mind. Contacting The Button Law Firm today could be the first step towards seeking justice and recovery for any harm or negligence your child has experienced.

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