Posted on Aug 01, 2023

Surveillance footage of the toddler being left alone in the classroomMELISSA, TX – Pinnacle Montessori of Melissa is being sued by North Texas parents Rick and Jessica Henderson after they discovered their son was being inappropriately disciplined by his caregiver. The parents are being represented by The Button Law Firm.

What Happened at This Collin County Daycare?

In March of 2022, Rick Henderson arrived at Pinnacle Montessori daycare to pick up his toddler son from school. That’s when he discovered his son sitting alone and crying in the corner of a dark a classroom. Naturally, this father was wanting answers about how his toddler ended up in this situation. He reviewed the surveillance footage and saw that the caregiver had been sweeping the classroom while all the children gathered near the door. The caregiver then grabbed the Henderson’s son by the arm and placed him in the corner behind the door. The caregiver continued to clean and then led the children out of the classroom, purposely turning the lights off and leaving the young child alone in the corner.

After this incident was reported to the state, an independent investigation conducted by The State of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services substantiated the parents claims and found that Pinnacle Montessori violated the state’s licensing rules. 

You can read the complaint by clicking here.

How Did This Melissa Daycare Violate Laws?

The state of Texas has minimum standards to help ensure children are kept safe and healthy at daycare. When these standards are violated by negligent daycares, kids are put at serious risk of injury.

In this particular incident, the daycare violated the following rules:

  • leaving a child unattended,
  • leaving a child in time out for more time than allotted by the state – in this case, it was more than two minutes,
  • and not actively supervising and interacting with the children.

These were all clear and direct violations of the state’s minimum standards. The daycare purposely traumatized the toddler as a discipline tactic and put the young child at risk of suffering from a serious physical injury from being unsupervised.   

The Aftermath of Improper Punishments at Daycare – How a Child is Affected

Improper discipline of children at daycare is a serious issue that happens throughout Texas. Parents want to ensure that their kids are kept safe while at daycare – when a child is neglected or abused, it can be difficult for families to move forward and trust others to care for their child.

Children who are victims of improper punishment at daycare can deal with psychological trauma for long after the incident. This can result in children developing severe anxiety or depression.

That’s why it is essential to know what has happened to your child, so that you can get them the treatment they need to move forward in life.

How to Contact The Button Law Firm After Your Child Was the Victim of Improper Punishment

If your child was improperly disciplined at a Texas daycare, it’s important that you seek legal help immediately. Our team at The Button Law Firm is experienced in helping families move forward after their child has been harmed at daycare – we’re here to help you too.

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