Posted on Jan 18, 2024

Lockers holding backpacks at daycare.EL PASO, TEXAS - The Button Law Firm is representing an El Paso mother and her child after the 7-year-old suffered serious injuries at Mini Me’s Child Center in El Paso, Texas, in April of 2023. The incident has prompted a legal response, including The Button Law Firm filing a lawsuit against the daycare center, alleging that the young boy was injured due to the improper anchoring of a large and heavy locker.

What Happened at This El Paso Daycare?

According to the lawsuit, the locker, which was not correctly anchored to the wall, detached entirely and fell on the child while he was reaching for his backpack. The impact resulted in a contusion to the left elbow and a severe concussion, trapping the young child underneath. The complaint further states that it took two daycare workers to lift the heavy locker and free the child from this dangerous premises liability incident.

An independent investigation by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission confirmed the daycare's negligence. Our El Paso daycare injury lawyer states that the agency found that Mini Me’s Child Center violated childcare licensing laws, citing the incorrect attachment of the locker to the wall using simple screws instead of the manufacturer’s anchoring equipment. Unsecured furniture can pose a serious risk and lead to furniture tip-overs. Furthermore, the daycare center was found to have neglected child supervision requirements, allowing children to access lockers without caregivers properly watching the children. 

"As a mother, it’s infuriating to know my son’s life was endangered while performing the simple task of fetching his backpack from a locker," says Jameelah Becton, the child’s mother. "You expect a daycare to implement every safety precaution to protect the little ones, like my son, in its care, but that clearly was not the case."

To read the filed petition, click here.

A History of Safety Violations by Mini Me’s Child Center

Mini Me’s Child Center has a troubling history of failing to meet daycare safety standards set out by the state of Texas. Records indicated that the daycare received eight citations between May 2019 and March 2023 for various safety violations, including leaving infants to sleep with bottles and blankets and leaving children unattended in a classroom.

Russell Button, a Texas daycare injury attorney from The Button Law Firm, is representing Ms. Becton and her son. He stresses the significance of stringent safety protocols in daycare facilities, stating, "This scary incident involving our client’s son emphasizes the importance of stringent safety protocols in daycare facilities. We are committed to holding Mini Me’s Child Center accountable to protect other children from being hurt by preventable hazards like unsecured furniture."

How The Button Law Firm Helps Families in Texas After Daycare Incidents

The Button Law Firm is a Texas-based personal injury law firm that advocates for children and their families after being victims of negligence at daycare. Our firm addresses abuse and neglect cases, bottle warmer burns, traumatic brain injuries, and catastrophic injuries. With attorneys in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, The Button Law Firm assists families across the Lone Star State in moving forward after an incident at daycare.

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