Child with cord in his mouth after Texas daycare fails to childproof facilityAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), preventable injuries are the leading cause of child fatalities in the United States. Sadly, the organization attributed these injuries to 20 deaths per day and found babies under one year old were among the highest risk group.

These scary statistics are why childproofing at Texas daycare centers is vital to keeping children in their care safe. Our daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm help explain how children can be seriously harmed when daycare centers skip this important step and what childproofing guidelines Texas childcare laws require at daycare centers.

Daycare Injuries Caused by a Lack of Childproofing 

When a daycare center isn't adequately childproofed, it can lead to various physical injuries. From bumps and bruises to more serious, life-threatening harm, the risks are real.

Kids might experience:

By ensuring Texas daycare centers comply with proper childproofing measures, the chances of these serious injuries and fatalities are significantly reduced.  

Texas Daycare Laws: Childproofing Explained

Caregivers know that supervision alone cannot prevent all incidents. That is why childproofing is a key element in keeping children safe. Per Texas daycare safety laws, also known as minimum standards, childcare centers are required to remove all potential hazards by childproofing their facilities. This includes storing sharp objects, chemicals, and other dangerous items out of children’s reach and maintaining buildings and equipment in good condition.

For children ages five and younger, daycare centers are required to comply with the following childproofing methods:

  1. Appliance Protection: Shield children from 220-volt electrical connections and appliances like air conditioners, fans, and heaters from children's reach to avert potential accidents
  2. Bottle Warmers: Store bottle warmers safely away from children’s reach and follow manufacturer guidelines for use
  3. Electrical Safety: Secure all accessible outlets with covers or safety outlets to prevent electrocution incidents
  4. Furniture and Televisions: Anchor large pieces of furniture like bookcases, dressers, and television sets according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent tipping accidents. (More than 25,000 children younger than 18 years old are seriously injured in furniture tip-over incidents, and falling televisions account for a high number of fatalities.)
  5. Plant Protection: Keep poisonous plants out of reach to prevent accidental ingestion or contact
  6. Play Equipment: Ensure playscapes and designated play areas are free from sharp edges and toxic paints to prevent injuries during recess
  7. Storage Safety: Ensure storage chests with hinges have proper lid supports to prevent smashed fingers and ventilation in case of trapping incidents
  8. Water Supervision: Secure all bodies of water, including pools, tubs, and 5-gallon buckets, to prevent drowning risks. (According to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, an estimated 50 infants and toddlers drown each year in buckets containing soapy water and cleaning solutions used for mopping floors.)
  9. Window Safety: Mark sliding glass doors with colorful stickers or window clings at children's eye level to avoid collisions and injuries

The state will even help daycare operators identify sites around their facilities that may have hazardous materials or environments that risk the health of children via the Safe Siting Initiative. This free program evaluates access to safe drinking water, the possibilities for chemical contamination, the condition and type of building materials (for instance, checking for lead-based paint and asbestos, and the environmental concerns of nearby properties such as dry cleaners) to further protect children’s health while at the daycare center.

More details about required childproofing and keeping kids safe at Texas daycare centers can be found starting on page 202 in the Texas Health and Human Services Commission Minimum Standards guide.

We Can Help Your Family Following a Daycare Injury Caused by a Lack of Childproofing

Our team of experienced and compassionate daycare injury lawyers at The Button Law Firm is dedicated to advocating for you and your family if your child experiences a serious injury because a daycare facility failed to childproof the facility properly. With lawyers in Dallas, Houston, and Midland, we are ready to listen, fight for your family, and help your family move forward. Our attorneys at The Button Law Firm are recognized on the prestigious Texas Super Lawyers list, and we can help guide you after a traumatizing incident involving your child. We work on contingency, meaning we don’t charge you or collect any upfront fees to get started on your case. Call us at 214-699-4409, email us at [email protected], or fill out a contact form for a free case evaluation.

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